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Matters needing attention in bearing use and keeping method

Matters needing attention in bearing use and keeping method


Compared with the general mechanical parts, the rolling bearing precision is higher, so the use of the corresponding should be careful.

1) Keep bearings and their surroundings clean

2) Use carefully and carefully

If used carelessly to the bearing with a strong impact, the bearing will appear scar, indentation, fracture and other damage. 

3) Use the right tools

4) Pay attention to the anti-rust of bearings

Avoid use in damp places and wear gloves to avoid sweat. 

5) Users should be familiar with bearings

6) Formulate operation specifications for the use of bearings

A. Storage of bearings

B. Cleaning of bearings and surrounding areas

C. Inspection of the dimensions of installation parts and machining quality

D. Installation

E. Inspection after installation

F. Disassembly operation

G. Maintenance (regular inspection)

H. Supplement of lubricant

Bearing storage

When the bearing leaves the factory, it is coated with appropriate amount of anti-rust oil and packed in anti-rust paper. As long as the package is not damaged, the quality of the bearing will be guaranteed.However, when stored for a long time, it is advisable to store it on a shelf 30cm above the ground under the condition that the temperature is below 65% and the temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius.In addition, the storage site should be away from direct sunlight or contact with cold walls.

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