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Method of bearing installation and disassembly

Method of bearing installation and disassembly


Whether the installation of self - lubricating bearing is correct affects the accuracy, life and performance.Therefore, the design and assembly department should fully study the bearing installation.It is expected to be installed according to operating standards.The operating standard items are usually as follows

(1) the accuracy, life and performance of the bearings are affected by whether the bearings are installed correctly or not.Therefore, design and assemble the department for the installation of bearings

(2) check the dimensions and finishing conditions of related parts

(3) installation

(4) inspection after installing the bearing

(5) supply lubricant;It is desirable that the bearing packing be opened before installation.General grease lubrication, do not clean, directly fill the grease.Lubricating oil lubrication, general also need not clean, but, instrument with or high speed with bearings, etc., to use clean oil wash, remove the rust agent coated on the bearing.Remove the bearing of antirust agent, easy to rust, so can not be placed regardless.Furthermore, the bearing sealed into the grease, do not clean direct use.     

Bearing installation method, depending on the bearing structure, fit, conditions and different, in general, because most axis rotation, so the inner ring needs interference fit.Cylindrical bore bearing, multi-purpose press press, or multi-purpose hot loading method.For taper holes, install directly on the taper shaft, or install with sleeve.When installed to the shell, the general clearance fit is more, the outer ring has interference, usually press in, or there is also a cooling installation after the cold shrinkage fit method.With dry ice as coolant, cold shrinkage to match the installation of the occasion, the moisture in the air will condense on the surface of the bearing.Therefore, the need for appropriate anti-rust measures. 

Bearings shall be removed during regular inspection or replacement of parts.In general, the shaft and bearing box are almost always used, and the bearing is often used.Therefore, the structural design should take into account that the disassembly of the bearing will not damage the bearing, shaft, bearing box and other parts, and the preparation of appropriate disassembly tools.When removing the ring with static matching, only the tension can be added to the ring, not through the rolling body to pull out the ring.

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