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Matters needing attention in the use of universal joint bearing

Matters needing attention in the use of universal joint bearing


The structure and function of universal joint are similar to the structure and function of the joints of human limbs.In the process of vehicle operation, the uneven road surface produces jump, that is, there is a universal joint at both ends of the drive shaft, so the rear drive vehicle universal joint transmission form of the imported bearing network using double universal joint, replacement or installation between the two assembly position difference.The Angle and distance between the output shaft of the transmission shaft and the input shaft of the main reducer will change. Its function is to make the included angles of the two ends of the transmission shaft equal, so as to ensure that the instantaneous angular bearing speed of the output shaft and the input shaft is always equal.In a rear-wheel drive car, the engine.The clutch and gearbox are mounted as one unit on the frame, and the drive shaft is connected to the frame by the elastic suspension of the deep groove ball bearing.There's a distance between the two that needs to be connected.To meet the needs of power transmission.In order to adapt to the change of up and down Angle of impact during steering and driving, the drive shaft of the front drive car is connected to the common universal joint between the half shaft and the axle.In front drive vehicles, two constant speed universal joints are used for each half axle.The universal joint near the variable-speed drive axle is the universal joint inside the half shaft, while the outer joint of the semi-one-way bearing shaft is close to the shaft.However, due to the limitation of axial dimension, the deflection Angle is relatively large, which aggravates the damage of parts and produces great noise.The single universal joint cannot make the instantaneous angular velocity of the output shaft equal to the instantaneous angular velocity of the axial shaft.Therefore, a wide range of constant speed needle roller bearing universal joint has been widely used.In the universal joint fit, a component (output shaft).Rotation around the shaft is carried out by another component (input tapered roller bearing into the shaft).Driven by rotation of its axis.

(1) collision and stacking shall be avoided during disassembly, loading and unloading and inventory taking;

(2) the moment of inertia of the vehicle should not be applied to the engine to avoid impact;

(3) avoid heavy lifting of the clutch pedal and shift gears smoothly;

(4) when the vehicle is braking as far as possible, the transmission is in neutral or the clutch is in a separate state to prevent transmission overload;

(5) regularly check the sealing condition of the middle support bearing, cross bearing and sliding spline, and replace the invalid oil seal in time.Grease is often injected. In order to lubricate all bearings of the universal joint adequately, the lubricating oil must be extruded from the oil seal of the bearing.Lubricate the middle support bearing and extrude from the exhaust port of the front bearing cover;

(6) regularly check the fastening drive shaft and connecting bolts supporting various parts;

(7) regularly check the radial and axial clearance of the intermediate bearing, the matching clearance between the cross shaft and the bearing, the matching clearance between the bearing and the universal joint fork hole and the circumferential clearance of the sliding spline pair;

(8) check whether the drive shaft is bent or concave, and whether the balancing member falls off;

(9) check whether the engine, rear axle (drive axle) and middle beam are up to standard

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