Raymond mill temperature how broken? Suit the remedy to the case - bearing knowledge for reasons

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
Raymond mill as a big brother of the industrial coal pulverizing equipment, has a great market value, and a wide market coverage, is an industrial coal pulverizing area one of the most common milling equipment. But Raymond mill often face the problem of high temperature, if not resolved in a timely manner, will affect the efficiency of the powder and the lifetime of the equipment. Guilin hong cheng small make up today, therefore, was to go into more detail about how to find the cause, cool the Raymond mill powder airland. 1, the reason: friction heat - — Measures: bearing seal & amp; Good lubrication Raymond mill principle of work, determine the milling process depends on a lot of friction and pressure, friction heat generating believe that everyone can understand the truth, so Raymond mill host temperature tend to be high, and over time, the machine more with more long, the temperature will be higher and higher. How to solve: on the one hand is to ensure that the bearing sealing, avoid dust and impurities, which resulted in increased friction; On the other hand is to do a good job of lubrication in a timely manner, according to the need to regularly add grease bearings, roller and other parts, in order to increase the flexibility of the various components, as far as possible to reduce unnecessary friction. And, the choice of grease is also critical, to choose the suitable for equipment brand, not blindly. Bearing also regularly to clean, clean. 2, reason: fan fever - — Measures: avoid change blower fan heating equipment is also lead to a common cause of Raymond mill is overheating. General fan is hot, because of excessive wind pressure, workers in the operation process is often a accidentally met fan equipment, will make the fan air pressure changes, resulting in motor heating. How to solve: careful operation process, don't change the fan equipment, guarantee the stability of the wind. 3, reason: air does not flow - — Measures: let both inside and outside air convection if Raymond mill host internal and external air circulation, no air can also lead to the temperature rise within the host. How to solve: open the ventilation pipe, adjust the host is ventilated, convection in the airflow Raymond mill, thus reducing the temperature inside the host, avoid excessive heat. Choose the strength of large manufacturers, of course, the quality of Raymond mill is also very important. Guilin hong cheng on the development and production of Raymond mill, with decades of experience, of Raymond mill continuous technological innovation, has developed a new type of vertical pendulum Raymond mill. Cut off not only higher production capacity, and USES the multi-layer structure guarantee the sealing roller device, don't need refueling and maintenance, daily maintenance more convenient, roller grinding ring USES a high chromium alloy materials, wear-resistant high temperature resistant, long service life. Guilin hong cheng Raymond mill can guarantee long-term pulverizing production on the rails, reduce trouble back at home.
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