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Composite Bearings

Composite Bearings


Composite bearings are designed with a self-lubricating polytetrafluroethylene (PTFE) liner with a laminated metal backing. The PTFE liner offers consistent, controlled friction as well as durability whilst the metal backing ensures the composite bearing is robust and capable of withstanding high loads and stresses throughout its long life. Its design also makes it lightweight-one tenth the weight of a traditional rolling element bearing.

Composite bearing will heat up, since we started running in over a period of time, namely at a lower temperature (usually higher than room temperature 10 ~ 40 degrees) in normal.To the normal time, depending on the IKO bearing size, form, method of rotation speed, lubrication, imported bearing conditions around the change and different, generally it takes 20 minutes to several hours at this time.Bearing temperature warms up do not meet the normal and abnormal, can consider to the following reasons, moreover should stop and take the necessary measures as soon as possible.Temperature to keep the imported bearing the appropriate life and prevent oil degradation is crucial, advice: try to control in the high temperature condition (100 degrees) to use the most ideal.The main reason of abnormal temperature rise of lubricating oil too much or too little.IKO bearing installation.Composite bearing internal clearance is too small, or too much load.Seal friction is too large.Lubricant.Cooperate with the creep.Followed by checking the bearing raceway surface, rolling surface and on the surface of the joint venture and confrontation of the wear conditions such as presence of damage and abnormalities in the special track is to examine the raceway surface movement.Discriminant bearing can use again, must think in combination bearing damage levels, mechanical function, primacy, operation premise, such as checking cycle back again choice.Can by changing the combination bearings, the have to be carefully check on the new bearing, and the diameter of axle and bearing hole and a detailed inspection and assembly and disassembly of the rotor bearing, strictly implement repair technology, serious operation, avoid bearing damage caused by improper installation and fuel oil change in time, ensure the bearing working condition is always in good condition;Check carefully in combination in the operation of the bearing, find the problems, timely eliminate.

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