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Steel market upsurge has passed, the future market will be how to develop?

Steel market upsurge has passed, the future market will be how to develop?


Steel market trend wide rising over this week, this week timber prices constantly refresh historical thread, thermal highest volume exceeding RMB 6200 and 6700 respectively, the market continued to pull up, scrap steel market traders want to stay up, the arrival of the goods volume did not significantly improve individual traders actively delivery on Thursday, prices fell slightly, price falls present state on Friday,Steel mills today are 91 down, 0 up.

Timber market: this week lumber rose by more than 15%, billet increased by 830 yuan/ton, steel enterprises profit, high enthusiasm for production.Starting from yesterday, the phase of the snail plunged, the finished product began to weaken, next week's trend is predicted, because the market price is too high, the site procurement enthusiasm is not strong, the demand will be reduced;In terms of market trade, the enthusiasm has faded, with insufficient transactions, wait-and-see attitude and high reluctance to sell;

Inventory: the total arrival volume of scrap was 3.3057 million tons, down by 2% compared with last week, down by 3.3057 million tons. The total inventory of steel enterprises was 5.6443 million tons, down by 6% compared with last week, down by 337,100 tons.This week, lumber prices sharply pull accounts, steel also rose, most of the steel mill arrival quantity is not ideal, only Thursday, 5 o 'clock arrival quantity has eased, so the overall general situation of inventory.It is expected that the arrival of scrap steel next week is still general, mainly due to the fear of rising mentality caused by the shadow of the market is too large, steel mills will further understand the market price.

Next week market forecast: the market scrap resources in tight state, tight supply and demand, coupled with this week to pull up too much, the market fear of high psychology is serious, traders reluctant to sell, resulting in low output steel mills, some steel mills a day down four or five times, price adjustment is very chaotic, the market is in a mess.Steel scrap market is expected to fall in the short term.

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