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Bearing ring

Bearing ring


                                   Product structure editor
1. The inner ring of inner ring
On the surface of the raceway outer bearing ring.
2. The outer ring outer ring
On the surface of the raceway, bearing ring.

The title
3. The cone cone inner circle
Tapered roller bearing inner ring.
4. The cone outer cup
Three Thai SUNTHAI [/ url] of tapered roller bearing outer ring.
5. Double inner ring raceway cone double cone
With double cone roller bearing inner ring raceway.
6. Double outer ring raceway cone double CPU
There are double tapered roller bearing outer ring raceway.
7. Wide inner ring extended inner ring
In the end or ends widening three Thai SUNTHAI bearing inner ring, in order to improve the shaft hole inside its boot or install fasteners or seal complement position.
8. Lock inner ring stepped inner ring
A shoulder removal of all or part of groove type ball bearing inner ring.
9. Lock outer counterbored outer ring
A shoulder removal of all or part of groove type ball bearing outer ring.
10. Drawn cup drawn cup
By sheet metal stamping, side sealing (sealing drawn cup) or open at both ends of the ring, general points to heart needle roller bearing outer ring.
11. Flange outer flanged outer ring
A flange bearing outer ring.
12. Self-aligning outer aligning the outer ring
Has the spherical outer surface outer ring, so as to adapt to its axis and three Thai SUNTHAI bearing axis between permanent angular displacement.
13. The heart outside seat aligning housing ring
Used for self-aligning outer ring with a hole, there is a match with outer spherical outside surface of the spherical inner surface.
14. Outside the spherical spherical outside surface
The surface is part of the surface of the ball bearing outer ring.
15. Cone outer guard in front of the CPU front face rib
The guard on the front cone outer ring raceway, use
With the aim of guide roller and roller large end under thrust.
16. The ring centre rib

Bearing ring with double raceway, such as double raceway cone rim inner ring in the middle of the whole

bearing ring (1)

Production steps to edit
1, forging, forging process, if produce burnt, overheating, such as inside crack reticulate carbide decreases the toughness and strength of the ring.So must always be strictly control the processing temperature, cyclic heating and cooling conditions, such as spray cooling after forging, etc., especially in large breed ring after finish forging, the temperature is above 700 ℃, the shall not be piled up to put.

The title
2, heat treatment, the heat treatment equipment is closely monitoring workshop is an important work.The reliability of the monitoring equipment.For instrument, thermocouple and other important thermostats must be closely monitored, ensure measured data accurate and reliable;The error exceeds bid to timely replacement, it is strictly prohibited to run in spite of illness.
3, the grinding process monitoring.Finished product imports bearing ring grinding burn and grinding cracks are not allowed to exist, especially the inner ring to taper of the mating surfaces shall not be burned.If ring should be full inspection after pickling, picking burns products, severe burns can't repair or repair the unqualified should be scrapped, grinding burn is not permitted in the ring into the assembly process.

After 4, identity management, steel storage to the front of the ferrule grinding, each working procedure must be strictly management, strictly distinguish GCR15 and GCR15SIMN two kinds of materials and products made of different materials [2].

bearing ring (2)

Installation method editor
Should pay special attention to the installation sequence when install the bearing ring, precision bearing need to pay attention to the positive and negative side, put wrong words will cause imbalance, influence the performance of the bearing.
Ultra-precision angular contact ball bearing or the shaft bearing in axial positioning lock nut or end cover is normally used.These components require has high geometric accuracy and good mechanical strength, to provide a stable supporting and positioning.
For precision lock nut or end cover bolt locking torque Mt must ensure enough big, to ensure that all of the components (including bearing) positioning, and won't produce deformation and damage.
When using precision lock nut or axial positioning precision angular contact ball bearing, should use the following procedure, to ensure that all of the bearing is fully in place, and the locking force resetting to estimate the required level.
In two to three times of Mt locking torque tighten lock nut/end plate bolt to.
Loosen the lock nut/end cover bolts.

In Mt locking torque to twist lock nut/end cover bolts.

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