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Analysis and preventive measures of ring grinding burn (ii)

Analysis and preventive measures of ring grinding burn (ii)


Surface grinding

The following factors may cause burns in the case of correct operation specifications when grinding a surface on a vertical single-head grinder. 

A. The movement of the abrasive wheel shaft causes burns by increasing the instantaneous grinding amount;At this time must tighten the abrasive wheel shaft bearing or replace the bearing. 

B. The disk beat of the workbench or the rotation speed is not uniform, which increases the instantaneous grinding amount and causes burns;Need to overhaul the disk reducer components such as worm gear, worm, etc., replacement wear parts. 

C. The magnetic force of the disk is small or discontinuous, which will cause the workpiece to slip on the disk and cause burns;During maintenance, the charging and demagnetization lines should be adjusted. 

D. The positioning of reciprocating stroke is not effective. If the stroke switch is not in good contact or the reciprocating reducer component is worn, the worm wheel and worm mechanism cannot self-lock, which will cause burns caused by rushing, hitting and bouncing in the towing plate.Burns may occur through dual end surface grinding machines such as M7675 series grinding machines for the following reasons:

Feed guide plate wear, uneven, uneven feeding; 

The guide plate is not parallel to the grinding wheel face; 

The end face inlet of the grinding wheel is too small, which makes the outer edge of the grinding wheel bear most of the cutting amount, and the grinding wheel becomes blunt. 

(2) cylindrical grinding

Centerless cylindrical grinder, such as M1083, generally has the following special conditions:

Feed plate crawling, blunt knife, so that the amount of feed suddenly increased burn;Must adjust the wedge iron, clean and lubricate the drag plate or scrape the guide plate, repair the lead screw, lead screw, replace wear parts. 

Spark is not adjusted properly, grinding too much at the entrance, the front end is easy to burn, grinding too much at the exit the workpiece shows a spiral trace. 

If the amount of feed is too large or the contact of electrical components is not good, the thermal relay will trip in the workpiece, and the sensitive stop, the tool should be returned quickly. 

(3) internal grinding

In the inner diameter process, the contact arc between the grinding wheel and the workpiece is longer and the heat generated is more.The coolant is not easy to reach the grinding area and the heat dissipation condition is poor.Difficult wedge arrangement, easy to plug the grinding wheel, these are the causes of high grinding temperature, so the coolant must be fully effective, the grinding wheel should be timely and effective dressing.For example, the compensation mechanism of MZ208 series internal grinding machine for grinding wheel dressing must be reliable; otherwise, burns will occur when the dressing fails to reach the grinding wheel surface.Because this kind of machine tool compensation mechanism is by the roller friction drive to achieve, can not ensure that every time the same amount of compensation, the current situation is the compensation mechanism by the roller friction mechanism to step motor mechanism. 

(4) channel grinding

For pendulum head grinding, its grinding wheel self-sharpness is strong, generally use rubber bond grinding wheel, because in the high temperature of the grinding area, the rubber bond is easy to aging and brittle, blunt abrasive grains easy to fall off in the swing, therefore, the grinding wheel should always keep sharp.For entry grinding, its grinding wheel shape performance is strong, generally with a harder grinding wheel, its sharpness is poor, so often effective dressing, and cooling fluid to be sufficient.In terms of external ditch operation, it is the most easy to cause burns, and adequate cooling is particularly important.In addition, due to the different speed on the surface of the grinding wheel, the degree of wear of the grinding wheel is not uniform, and the dressing effect is required to be good. The rotating speed of the modifier is uniform, stable, and the compensation mechanism should be reliable. Meanwhile, the diamond should be sharp, and the position of the nib should be 1 ~ 2mm lower than the center of the grinding wheel.

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