Needle roller bearing accuracy calculation techniques

by:Waxing     2020-05-23
On many occasions, bearing inner hole size is limited by the structure of the machine or device specific. Regardless of the working life, the static load factor of safety and economy whether meet the requirements, before finally selected bearing the rest of the size and structure, all must go through dimension calculus. The calculus includes compared with its load bearing the actual load capacity. After static load refers to the bearing load of rolling bearings is stationary ( No relative movement between inside and outside the circle) Or rotate speed is very low. In this case, the calculus of raceway and rolling body safety coefficient of excess plastic deformation. Most bearing dynamic load, inside and outside the circle do relative movement, size calculation and checking of raceway and rolling body early fatigue damage factor of safety. Only in special circumstances, according to DIN ISO 281 for actual may achieve the work life of life in the name of calculus. To pay attention to the economic performance of the design, as far as possible fully the advantages of the bearing capacity of the bearing. To the full use of bearing, the bearing size selection calculation accuracy is more important.
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