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Basic method for proper use of bearings

Basic method for proper use of bearings


Bearings bear large and small loads under various working conditions.Because the imported bearing is made according to certain precision requirements, so, when using must be careful.However, not only careful use can be, but also the purpose of the use of imported bearings should be fully understood.

Through the investigation of the early damage causes of the imported bearings, it is found that most of the damage is caused by improper handling or improper use.In view of this, the design and selection of imported bearings is very important, and in order to give full play to the effectiveness of imported bearings, and the correct use method, is equally important.The correct use method can be simply summarized as the following:

(1) keep imported bearings and related parts clean

(2) appropriate size and processing method of relevant parts

(3) no garbage (dirt) or moisture and other harmful substances

(4) the installation shall be carried out according to the design purpose and operating conditions of the imported bearing

(5) use proper loading and unloading tools and equipment correctly

(6) during installation and disassembly, the product should not be damaged or deformed

(7) appropriate use of qualified lubricants

(8) to prevent rust, hands should be clean when taking, it is best to wear gloves.

And so on.When using imported bearings, it is not necessary to have a very sophisticated I5 device.However, in order to make the operation simple and easy, appropriate tools should be used according to the specific situation.

In addition, designers and inspectors should, of course, fully grasp the correct use of imported bearings and the corresponding installation methods, design or inspection.

To master the correct method of use is to protect the imported bearing from damage and fully achieve the purpose of using the imported bearing.

When the imported bearing is running, the raceway surface of the inner and outer rings and the rolling surface of the rolling body bear the cyclic load, which causes the fatigue of the material. In the raceway surface or rolling surface, there is a fish scale damage called Flaking.The imported bearing refers to the total number of spins until Flaking as the basic rated life, also known as the narrow life.

Even if a batch of imported bearings of the same size, structure, material, heat treatment and processing technology are operated under the same conditions, the fatigue life of rolling imported bearings also has considerable discreteness.This is because the material itself is discrete.Therefore, this difference in fatigue life is treated as a statistical phenomenon using the following definition of rated fatigue life.

Rated fatigue life refers to the total revolution of a group of imported bearings of the same type running under the same condition, among which 90% imported bearings do not appear the spalling caused by rolling fatigue.At constant speed, the total operation time is often used to indicate the rated fatigue life.

In the study of imported bearing life, can not only consider the fatigue life, but also according to the imported bearing should have the performance, integrated several use limits to consider.For example, grease lubrication imported bearings grease life.Noise life, wear life, etc., according to the use of different, the use of the limits of the benchmark is different, so, most of the pre-selected experience limits.

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