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Cause analysis and solution of bearing paint rust

Cause analysis and solution of bearing paint rust


We consulted a large number of data, found in the domestic and foreign motor industry have occurred.In industrialized countries such as Japan, rust appeared as early as the 1970s.The better the bearing looks from the surface, the more likely it is to rust.NSK official website through some tests and analysis, have a basic understanding of the paint rust, now put forward the motor bearing paint rust causes and preventive measures for your reference.

Due to the motor NSK bearing shell paint dry, the volatile chemical composition corroded the bearing end face, outer groove and channel, so that the channel is corroded after the abnormal sound.In the process of paint rust test, we found that the severity of paint rust and humidity have a close relationship, generally in 70%RH environment, extremely easy to occur paint rust.This is consistent with the phenomenon that most lacquer rust occurs in the south or coastal areas during the annual rainy season.According to the current situation of NSK bearing official website, the induced factors are as follows:

First: Climatic conditions: high temperature and high humidity

Second: Production process: the stator drying is not in place

Third: Storage characteristics: closed motor or sealed packaging

Fourth: the severity of paint rust: the type of paint and paint base components and the type of grease

NSK bearing paint rust solution provided by NSK official website:

A. Assemble the rotor, casing, air-dried or dried

B. Reduce the motor temperature

C. Select the type of adaptive paint

D. Improve the ambient temperature of motor bearing placement

E. With suitable oils and fats, fats cause less rust, silicone oil and mineral oil are the most easy to cause

F. Vacuum paint soaking process is adopted

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