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The importance of bearings and the current dilemmas facing the industry

The importance of bearings and the current dilemmas facing the industry


At present, my country's bearing industry is facing three major problems: low concentration of industrial production, low R&D and innovation capabilities, and low manufacturing technology.

First, the industry's production concentration is low.

Experts believe that the reasons for this situation are: first, the original large state-owned enterprises have developed relatively slowly due to system and mechanism problems; second, advantageous private and private enterprises are still in the growth stage; The plant sites are too scattered, and the general bearing capacity is seriously surplus.

Second, the R&D and innovation capabilities are low.

At present, our design and manufacturing technology is basically imitated, and it is a consistent system for decades. The low product development capability is manifested in the fact that although the supporting rate for domestic mainframes has reached 80%, the supporting and maintenance bearings for important mainframes such as high-speed railway passenger cars, mid-to-high-end cars, computers, air conditioners, and high-level rolling mills are basically imported.

Third, the level of manufacturing technology is low.

The development of my country's bearing industry manufacturing technology and process equipment technology is slow, the CNC rate of turning to process is low, and the level of automation of grinding processing is low. There are only more than 200 automatic production lines in the country. Most enterprises, especially the old state-owned enterprises, still use traditional equipment as the main production force. Advanced heat treatment processes and equipment that are critical to bearing life and reliability, such as controlled atmosphere protection heating, double refinement, bainite quenching, etc., have low coverage, and many technical problems have failed to achieve breakthroughs. The research and development of new bearing steel grades, the improvement of steel quality, and the research and development of related technologies such as lubrication, cooling, cleaning, and abrasives, have not yet been able to meet the requirements of the level and quality of bearing products. As a result, the process capability index is low, the consistency is poor, the product processing size dispersion is large, and the internal quality of the product is unstable, which affects the accuracy, performance, life and reliability of the bearing.

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