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Factors affecting the oscillation of rolling bearing of oscillating screen

Factors affecting the oscillation of rolling bearing of oscillating screen


There are several factors that affect the oscillation of the rolling bearing of the oscillating screen.How much accuracy of the bearing, the vibration force of the vibrating screen is large, which causes the bearing to accept a great radial force, and then the intense oscillation occurs.The higher the bearing accuracy, the smaller the oscillation.Race, especially the rolling table in vitro waviness influence on bearing vibration, the largest ring rolling roll body and cage and list the space appearance and its relative motion will cause bearing oscillation, it is because the rolling body spin frequency is higher, homework appearance and inside groove touch together, ring, keep the attack roll body oscillation intrusive roughly four contact than three to one.Therefore, the falling bearing oscillation should primarily improve the surface machining accuracy of the rolling body.Because waviness is a kind of shape error between roughness and roundness, which occurs in the grinding process of rolling body, it is difficult to control its occurrence. Therefore, other methods should be found to control the oscillation of rolling body.

Cooperation, the cooperation between the outer ring and the supporting hole will affect the transmission of oscillation, tighter cooperation will force the raceway deformation, increase the shape error, resulting in the addition of oscillation.Loose cooperation can make the oil film in the gap attack damping effect.The data properties of the outer ring and the supporting hole are quite different, especially the rubber damping ring placed between them can suppress the transmission of oscillation.

Ebias oscillation, the current vibration screening shaker, mostly for the bias shaft shaker and box shaker.The bias shaft vibrator device is convenient to adjust, but the cost is high, and the bias distance can not be adjusted. The box type vibrator chooses the fan shaped bias block with the relative azimuth adjustable, which can complete the adjustment of the size of the excitation force, and then reaches the intention of the amplitude adjustable.

Vibrator in the twists and turns, centrifugal force makes the eccentricity axis of eccentricity quality attacks from the relative deflection of the ring bearing list for frequency offset will attack to transform and its order to the harmonic frequency of the oscillation, the inertial force and inertial force couple of reason in attack will cause bearing dynamic reaction force and vibration, damage to bearing parts such as stable operation condition, high frequency oscillation.Oscillating screen oscillation spectrum analysis indicates that when the vibration frequency of the shaker bearing and a certain order of natural frequency of the elastic oscillation of the screen box together, it will lead to the intense oscillation of the elastomer of the screen box.

The oscillating system composed of bearing and pain system can be regarded as a single degree of freedom system.Bearing drive shaft and driven shaft system have a certain value of resonance frequency, if a certain exciting frequency and resonance frequency close to the attack of resonance.In addition, because of the centrifugal inertia force in the pain, zigzag oscillation will occur. If the speed is close to the critical value, zigzag resonance will occur.

Bearing radial clearance.Radial clearance is too large or too small will cause the bearing system to suffer greater oscillation.Too small radial clearance leads to high frequency oscillation, and too large radial clearance leads to low frequency oscillation.The experimental results of large bearing 3E3626 with vibrating screen show that the radial natural frequency of the bearing elastic system is reduced due to the large radial clearance, which results in simple resonance and large low-frequency oscillation.This is because at the impact point of the rolling body and the ring, there will be greater acceleration.In the initial stage of impact, a high-frequency compression wave, which is independent of the mechanical mass and the shape of the object, will occur and propagate into the metal. In the later stage of impact, a mechanical oscillation with a lower frequency than the impact compression wave will occur due to the mechanical force.Therefore, the larger radial clearance aggravates the oscillation of the bearing in the passband.

The test results show that too much radial clearance of the bearing will cause the bearing system to have large impact oscillation and too much radial clearance.With the increase of the radial space, the cage will have larger radial runout and further larger oscillation.

Conflict and smooth, bearing is the primary source of oscillation screen is more difficult to control, because the vibration screen is by great encouragement to maintain the operation, so the radial force of the bearing is very large, the vibration screen in the process of operation, a lot of exciting force will lead to the elastic oscillation of the bearing system.If the smooth is bad, there will be a large conflict to make the bearing temperature rise too high, the thermal expansion is too large, and the radial clearance is significantly reduced.For many shaking screen often chooses big clearance bearing such as 3 e3626, 3 g36240 but because radial clearance is too large, radial bearing system natural frequency, also increased after the disturbance of rolling body attacks with the possibility of radial runout and impact the energy of the ring in the beating, and then increased some high-frequency oscillation value, attack intense high frequency oscillation

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