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Tapered roller bearing quality and method of mounting

Tapered roller bearing quality and method of mounting


1. Whether the outer packing of tapered roller bearing is clear

In general, are factory has its own special brand of tapered roller bearing foreign packaging designers design, and arrange production with the conditions of the factory production, so no matter from packaging lines and colors are very clear, unambiguous, part of the tapered roller brand package of accessories and special unique design to protect their intellectual property.

2. Is the steel print on the tapered roller bearing clear

The taper roller bearing body will be printed with brand words, labels, etc.The fonts are very small, but they are mostly staked and pressed before they are overheated, so they are small but deep and very clear.The typefaces of counterfeit products are not only blurry, they float on the surface due to the rough printing technique, and some can even be easily wiped off by hand.

3. Whether the bearing body of tapered roller bearing has any noise

Hold the inner sleeve of the tapered roller bearing in your left hand and rotate it with your right hand. Listen for any noise.Due to the backward production conditions of most counterfeit products, complete manual workshop operation, in the production process will inevitably be mixed with sand impurities, hidden in the body of the bearing, so it will send out noise when rotating.This is the biggest difference between factory brands that strictly adhere to production standards and operate with machines.

4. Whether there are muddy oil marks on the surface of tapered roller bearings

This should be particularly noted when buying tapered roller bearings.Special careful connoisseur said that tapered roller bearings smell of a kind of smell, must be under anti-rust oil, but can not be seen.

Whether the chamfered Angle of tapered roller bearings is even The so-called chamfered Angle of tapered roller bearings, that is, the intersection of the horizontal and vertical surfaces. Due to the limitations of production technology, the copied tapered roller bearings are not satisfactory at the corners.

Tapered roller bearings are installed as follows:

The first step, tapered roller bearing inner ring and roll neck generally with clearance, installation must first put the bearing into the bearing box, and then the bearing box into the journal. 

Step 2. The outer ring of tapered roller bearing and the hole of the bearing box shall also be dynamically matched. First, load the outer ring A into the bearing box.Character symbols are printed on the outer ring, inner ring and inner and outer ring when leaving the factory. During installation, the bearing box must be loaded in the order of character symbols.Do not randomly replace to prevent bearing clearance from changing. 

Third, after all the parts are loaded into the bearing box, the inner ring and the inner ring, the outer ring and the outer ring are axial close. 

The fourth step is to measure the gap width between the outer ring end face and the bearing box cover plate to determine the thickness of the corresponding gasket.

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