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Strictly implement the management and maintenance of rolling machinery and equipment

Strictly implement the management and maintenance of rolling machinery and equipment


The rapid development of the industrial field, so that more and more mechanical equipment into the field of iron and steel, in recent years, the continuous application of modern science and technology in the industrial field, so that the level of industrial mechanization is greatly improved.Steel rolling equipment belongs to a kind of heavy machinery equipment, steel rolling is a series of operation process produced by changing the steel ingot and billet through the pressure formed when the roller is constantly rotating.Nowadays, the daily management and maintenance of steel rolling equipment has become an important part of enterprise machinery management, especially some key components of steel rolling equipment, such as bearing bushes, bearings, etc., but also regular daily management and maintenance, in order to ensure the safe and stable operation of steel rolling equipment.

Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to accurately judge the failure of steel rolling equipment with the naked eye. The failure of steel rolling equipment needs to be fully considered in many aspects, such as the actual speed of steel rolling equipment, raw material quality, steel category, etc..At the same time, the need to use a variety of knowledge to judge fault about the existence of steel rolling equipment, is summed up by the monitoring equipment for real-time monitoring of the working state of the equipment of steel rolling, and find out the abnormal condition to analyze problems, and then take pertinent measures to deal with, by the field personnel to record the data, by the engineer's drawings for inspection and audit.

Daily management and maintenance measures of bearings

The daily maintenance of bearings is relatively simple, and the fault of rolling equipment can be reflected according to the performance and quality of bearings.And when setting up the protective layer, the surface of the protective layer is cleaned regularly to avoid impurities and oil stains attached to the protective layer during the operation of steel rolling equipment, thus affecting the production quality of steel rolling products. At the same time, in the maintenance stage, it is necessary to ensure that the surface of the alloy protective layer is smooth, without pores and folds.

Daily management and maintenance of alloy bearing bush

Before management and maintenance, enterprises should formulate corresponding inspection and maintenance system, and prepare emergency plan, so as to ensure that rolling equipment will not fail due to the damage of alloy bearing bush.In the daily management and maintenance of alloy bearing, it is necessary to ensure good lubrication between alloy bearing and shaft, choose reasonable lubricant, and do a good job of scraping and grinding, smooth the burr, so as to avoid wear and failure of alloy bearing.

Reasonable adjustment of bearing clearance

In the scraping work, it is necessary to adjust the bearing clearance regularly.The adjustment of bearing clearance can be measured by tools such as feeler gauge, dial gauge and lead pressure, and the bearing clearance can be adjusted according to the actual speed and bearing capacity of steel rolling equipment and other factors.

Conduct regular inspection and maintenance work

Other parts of the rolling equipment should also be regularly checked and maintained, and the inspection situation should be recorded, such as bearing wear and wear parts in the rolling equipment.When the bearing spacing is checked and measured, it is necessary to ensure that the rolling equipment is in a stable running state or shutdown state.

Using modern information technology to analyze and process the fault data

In the daily management and maintenance of steel rolling equipment, in order to ensure that the management and maintenance work is more efficient, it is necessary to make full use of modern information technology means to monitor the running state and related parameters of steel rolling equipment, and prevent the occurrence of steel rolling equipment failure through scientific analysis and processing of data.

Regular maintenance of testing instruments

Outer diameter measuring instrument, width measuring instrument, thickness measuring instrument, length measuring instrument, straightness measuring instrument, profilometer and other measuring equipment used in steel rolling production line are important equipment to ensure the quality of steel. Daily maintenance is mainly to wipe the lens and clean the fan filter element.

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