Lubricating oil mainly by what kinds of factors at work? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
Besides bearing grease lubrication, sealing, cooling, cleaning, protection, buffer, its working environment is very bad. 1, lubricating oil in the splash and circulating lubrication, continuous contact with all kinds of metal parts and air, under the catalysis of metal, prompting oil gradually aging metamorphism. 2, lubricating oil in the bearing contact with various high temperature parts, such as cylinder wall temperature is 190 ~ 290 ℃, the CPC average temperature of 100 ℃, crank case, the oil under the condition of such a high temperature due to severe oxidation and deterioration. 3, combustion gas, and not fully burning mixture will be through a variety of gap into the crankcase, they can make the lubricating oil sludge, acidity material, lubricating oil deterioration failure finally. 4, dust, metal abrasive dust, after burning the carbon deposit, etc. , can make the decrease of the quality of the lubricating oil. Therefore, bearing lubricating oil is extremely harsh working conditions, and lubricating oil is essential to maintain the normal work of the bearing, it's on the bearing lubrication performance put forward higher requirements.
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