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Bearing production to improve the quality of the elements

Bearing production to improve the quality of the elements


Bearing as an important part of machinery, the use of quality is the first choice of bearing, in the production process to improve the quality of bearing, mainly from the five elements in production to improve the quality of bearing requirements.

1, the motor assembly site should be kept clean, bearing coated with grease, the site is not allowed to have dust flying.After matching with the bearing parts must go through strict inspection before assembly, any tiny link can not be ignored.For example, the shaft and the bearing at the shoulder, if the root is cleared without fillet, the operation is easy to produce stress concentration and here will be twisted off the shaft;If the fillet is too large, or the grinding is not in place, the interference amount of the inner ring when the bearing is installed will be out of line, or the bearing can not be in place, which is the bane of premature damage of the bearing.

2. Dynamic balance quality is a crucial factor affecting the life of bearings.The larger the motor, the higher the speed, the higher the quality of dynamic balance requirements.

3. The coaxiality of bearing related parts -- frame, end cover, rotor, inner and outer cover of bearing should be better, and ensure that the motor will not be damaged due to the deformation of parts during the operation.Large size parts, such as frame, end cover, must be aging treatment.

4. The machining accuracy of bearing related parts should be improved.Because the machining accuracy of the bearing itself is very high, and when the bearing is matched with the relevant parts, very small interference will cause the damage of the bearing.The practice has verified that the tolerance zone can be controlled within 0.02mm by using CNC machine tool with "fixed size cutting tool" to process the bearing chamber.The roughness of the fitting place with the inner and outer ring of the bearing should also be improved as much as possible, otherwise, after several disassembly and assembly, the "cutter peak" of the gold processing will be worn off, and the original design of the fitting tolerance will also be changed.

5, the grease should be appropriate, or the bearing should be heated.If the ambient temperature is higher than 40℃, grease with higher penetration should be selected.On the contrary, low penetration or special grease should be used.

Failure in the use of bearings is inevitable. If the quality of bearings is improved, it depends on the use of bearings. When we choose bearings, we can also understand them from the above five aspects, which can refer to the quality of bearings.

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