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What are cold rolling and hot rolling

What are cold rolling and hot rolling


Cold rolling is made of hot rolled plate rolls at room temperature.Hot rolling is the rolling of various profiles after the billet is heated to a certain temperature (1250℃) in a heating furnace.

Cold rolling and hot rolling belong to steel rolling production, which is the production link of rolling ingot into steel.Like pig iron and steel, the production of steel plays an important role in the national economy.

The methods of producing steel are rolling, forging, extrusion, drawing and so on.The rolling method has the advantages of high productivity, variety, strong continuity of production process and easy mechanization and automation.Therefore, 85~90% of the steel is produced in the rolling shop.

From the point of view of the rolling technology and the function of the rolling shop, the rolling shop can be divided into two categories.One is the billet workshop where the ingot is rolled into billets, whose function is to provide billets for subsequent steel rolling workshops.The other is the finished product shop where the billet is further rolled into various kinds of steel.

There are many kinds of steel produced in the finished steel rolling shop. According to the section shape of the steel, it can be divided into three categories: section steel, steel plate and steel pipe.

With the continuous development of rolling technology and equipment, in recent years, light ultra-thin section steel, periodic section steel, cold-formed section steel, wide wing i-beam and other products have been developed.In addition, the machine manufacturing, national defense, railway rolling stock, mining and other sectors need some parts blank or parts, also began to use the rolling process production.For example, rolling bearings with the ball, roller, inner seat ring;A steel ball for a ball mill;Gear and lead screw in mechanical transmission;The wheels and hoops used in railway rolling stock can not only improve the output and quality of these products, but also save the consumption of metal and greatly improve the working conditions for some products.

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