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Service items to ensure reliable operation of bearings

Service items to ensure reliable operation of bearings


WXING's services and equipment include test instruments, assembly and disassembly tools, special microcomputer software for bearing calculation and selection, and diagnostic instruments for determining bearing status online when the equipment is in operation.Users can decide whether or not they want to use WXING products.

WXING's scientists and engineers focus on the actual needs of users.In the field of tribology, its main research areas are material analysis, stress analysis, failure analysis and advanced calculation methods.

With the help of the refined calculation method and the new formula for calculating the cleanliness, the user can determine the safe size of the bearing more accurately according to the degree of lubricant contamination.

The more complex the requirements are, the more important the cooperation between users and manufacturers is in the design process.

Detailed knowledge of product design and characteristics, as well as product use and maintenance, will help prevent early failure of the bearing, thus achieving maximum bearing life.In return for users, WXING often holds general and specific training courses and technical lectures on rolling bearings.In addition, we also provide computer software in the form of CD-ROM for personal self-study and reinforcement of rolling bearing knowledge.

WXING's technical service personnel are responsible for testing bearing to bearing compatibility, installing and removing rolling bearings of any kind, and providing users with training and technical advice on installation processes.

As an expert in preventive maintenance, WXING is able to help users analyze the running status of bearings and identify potential sources of damage using its seismographic technology and experience.In the event of bearing failure, WXING's technical service specialists can conduct a comprehensive analysis of the cause of bearing failure, arrange for bearing repair, if possible, and propose targeted preventive measures.

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