Low temperature lubricant quality requirements and matters needing to use - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
l) This is two kinds of specifications for different grades of lubricant, in GB 7631. 2 a 87 are under wide temperature range in the use of lubricant. The second type oil has low pour point, excellent abrasion resistance, low temperature fluidity and low temperature pumping. HV, HS type lubricant for mineral oil as base oil and synthetic oil type two kinds, according to 40. Kinematic viscosity, C H Ⅴ oil content is 15, 22, 32, 46, 68, 100, six grades, HS oil content is 15, 32, 32 and 46 four grades. 2) USES ( l) H Ⅴ lubricants in low temperature is mainly used for cold or wide temperature range and harsh working conditions of engineering machinery, the introduction of equipment and vehicles of middle or high pressure hydraulic system. Such as nc machine tools, cable pit pump. , ship cranes, excavators and large crane hydraulic system. Temperature in a more than 30 'C. ( 2) The HS lubricant is mainly used in cold region above all sorts of equipment at low temperature. Use the temperature for - 30. The following C. 3) Quality requirements, l) The suitable viscosity. ( 2) Good extreme pressure antiwear performance. ( 3) Excellent low temperature performance, low pour point, and can ensure engineering machinery or equipment in the cold or cold zones environment is easy to start and run properly. ( 4) Excellent viscosity-temperature property, viscosity index above 130, guarantee the hydraulic equipment in the case of large variations in temperature get good lubrication, cooling and sealing. ( 5) Good demulsibility and antirust performance. ( 6) Good oxidation stability, hydrolytic stability and thermal stability of performance. 4) Note ( l) Low temperature lubricant is a not only has high and low temperature performance of anti-wear and advanced lubricant, the rational use should be paid attention to. ( 2) Low temperature lubricant cannot be used for parts of hydraulic equipment with silver. ( 3) HV oil and HS oil as base oil composition is different, so can not be used conventional eight so as not to affect performance. Other matters needing attention with HM lubricant.
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