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All because of the strong rise of Chinese bearings?Famous Japanese enterprises were exposed to brand scandal, European and American enterprises suffered cheating

All because of the strong rise of Chinese bearings?Famous Japanese enterprises were exposed to brand scandal, European and American enterprises suffered cheating


As a manufacturing powerhouse, Japan fraud scandals are now flying, kobe steel fraud not only, even Japan has also been known to expose the branded scandal, staged an civet cats in farce of the prince, the company is Japan tsubaki island, is mainly responsible for bearing components and finished goods production, but due to limited capacity, tsubaki island can't satisfy foreign orders,And do not want to lose the good opportunity to make money, so directly purchase Chinese bearing parts, and then paste the brand to earn the price difference, European and American enterprises were cheated, after the story was revealed, the Japanese enterprise also blamed, all because of the strong rise of Chinese bearings.

Bearing is very common in industrial field structure, used to connect to the mechanical body of revolution, because of the different purposes, the modelling of the bearing is different, after on high-end bearing technology, the world only a few such as Japan and Germany manufacturers to master, and although China is bearing manufacturing superpower, but the main focus in the field of mid-range bearing, the bearing production difficulty is low, of course, profit is also low,Japanese and German enterprises disdain to compete with China for the market, also is the steel production of bearings, because of the different process, resulting in a huge price difference, which also makes domestic bearing enterprises deeply aware of our technical deficiencies.

Now China has become the world's first high-speed power, high-speed technology has even go abroad, but who could imagine, used by the domestic high-speed bearing, once dependent on imported from Japan, because domestic bearing can't meet the demand of high-speed performance, in the event of accident, consequences, as Japan's ridicule China cannot produce high iron from the bolt,Therefore, we also believe that we will continue to rely on Japan in the field of bearing, so that China's high-speed railway will continue to be under the control of others, but now the domestic bearing enterprises directly with practical action to face Japan.Originally domestic bearing with Japan did not intend to compete for the international high-end market, foreign companies still have more trust in old day, after all, not to buy bearing in China, but the Japanese companies seem smart choices, but ultimately destroys himself, wondering after all this is not to leave unescorted OEM sales for the first time, have been carried out for several years, after the results were not discovered by foreign enterprises,This fully shows that domestic high-end bearings in technology, at least has not lost to Japanese enterprises.

Since domestic high-end bearing can meet the needs of foreign enterprises, as Europe and the United States and other countries of the enterprise is not necessary to continue buying Japanese bearings, directly buy bearing in China will be able to solve the problem, and compared with the bearing, the domestic bearing undoubtedly has great advantages in the field of construction cost, this is Japan's incomparable, wondering equals says this is the island and to make himself to death,You think that only steel bearings can enter the international market in China. In fact, it is not so. Relying on our advantages in the field of rare earth, rare earth is gradually integrated into the manufacturing of high-end bearings, so as to greatly improve the performance of domestic bearings.Appears in the field of high-end manufacturing, China has now not losing to any country, even though there are still a few countries to attempt to use technological monopoly to restrict China's development, but in the end believe that can only end up with Japan tsubaki island off, seeing originally belongs to own the market be plundered, it also tell the people at the same time, only to master their own core technology,In order to maintain long-term competitiveness in the manufacturing sector.

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