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True or false Monkey King, how to identify bearing fraud?

True or false Monkey King, how to identify bearing fraud?


According to the inspection of bearings on the current market, it is found that there are mainly the following fraud methods in bearing distribution. Let's sharpen our eyes and identify them carefully:

1. Accuracy and hardness are not enough

Making bearings with iron and carbon steel (hardness is not enough) and repairing waste bearings (accuracy is not enough)

2. Copy brand

The inferior bearings and small factory bearings are stamped with the trademarks of big factories, and the internal and external packaging and qualification certificates of famous big factories are counterfeited

3. The fake

Fake famous factory users, dealers, agents, and even fake factory spot sales department

4. Shoddy goods

With defective bearing posing as genuine bearing;

Type the ordinary grade bearing into D grade bearing;

Good goods mixed with fakes;

Fake goods sell genuine price, genuine goods sell D grade price, use fake price book;

If you want something cheap, give it to a fake. If you want something good, give it to the real thing.

Quality supervision experts remind consumers, the purchase of qualified bearings, first of all to observe whether the outer packaging is clear, genuine products mostly use steel printing technology, and in the process without overheating before pressing the word, so although the font is small, but concave deep, very clear.The letters on the counterfeit products are blurred and floating, and some can even be erased by hand.Secondly, see whether there is turbidity on the surface of the oil stain, if the anti-rust technology is not home, it is easy to leave a thick oil stain, in the hand is very sticky.At the same time, also pay attention to the selection of uniform chamfering, rotation without noise products.

Here we add some tips to judge whether bearings can be used:

Whether the bearing is available is mainly determined by considering the degree of bearing damage, mechanical properties, importance, operating conditions, and the period to the next maintenance.If the following defects can not be used, must be replaced with a new bearing.There are cracks or notches on the inner ring, outer ring, rolling body and cage.

1. Any one of the ferrule and rolling body is broken.

2. There are significant stuck injuries on the surface of the rolling path, the rim and the rolling body.

3. Cage wear is significant or rivet relaxation is significant.

4. There are rust and injury on the raceway surface and rolling body.

5. There are serious indentation and marks on the raceway surface and rolling body.

6. There is obvious creep on inner diameter surface of inner ring or outer diameter surface of outer ring.

7. The discoloration caused by heat is obvious.

8. The damage of the sealing ring or dust cover is obvious for the bearings sealed with grease.

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