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On-site disassembly - free maintenance method for vertical mill bearing housing

On-site disassembly - free maintenance method for vertical mill bearing housing


Vertical mill is a set of crushing, drying, grinding, grading conveying in one, high production efficiency, can be massive, granular and powder raw materials into the required powder materials.In the operation process, the bearing room of the roller shaft and the bearing room of the rocker shaft are prone to wear. The following small series shares a set of on-site disassembly free maintenance scheme for the bearing seat of the vertical mill.

Working principle of vertical mill:

Motor rotation speed reducer drive a millstone, through material from the feed opening fell into a millstone, move to the edge of mill under the action of centrifugal force and grinding roller of roller compaction, shredded material from mill edge overflow, at the same time from the nozzle ring (ring) wind speed up stream to efficient classifier, which is one with vertical mill meal after separator is returned to the mill wheel,Re-milling;Fine powder with the air flow out of the mill, in the system dust collection device to collect down, that is, the product.The coarse granular materials that are not carried by the hot air flow and the metal parts that enter by accident fall down from the wind ring and are scraped out by the scraper and then fed into the mill by the outer circulating bucket lifting machine for grinding again.

Vertical mill bearing seat maintenance case introduction:

The vertical mill bearing chamber of an enterprise is worn. The upper and lower parts of the four bearing chambers have different degrees of wear. The inner diameter is φ440, and the overall wear depth is about 0.6-1.3mm.The reason of wear is the installation error and the abnormal vibration of roller.The traditional repair scheme usually adopts repair welding or machining after brush plating, but both of them have some disadvantages such as thermal stress, and the repair time is long.

In view of the equipment problems of the enterprise, Soleil carbon nanopolymer material technology can use the relevant repair process for on-site repair without disassembly. The material has the concession that the metal does not have, can absorb the impact vibration of the equipment, avoid the possibility of re-wear, and greatly extend the service life of equipment components.

The maintenance steps of vertical mill bearing seat are as follows:

1. Use oxygen acetylene to dry the oil on the surface, then use Angle grinder or sandpaper to polish the oxide layer clean and rough surface, and then clean the surface with anhydrous ethanol and dry it;

2. The material of SD7101H is harmonized and uniform in strict accordance with the proportion, without color difference;

3. Evenly apply the blended material to the worn parts of the shaft and bearing seat, and the coating thickness is greater than the amount of unilateral wear;

4. Use tools to scratch the unworn parts on both sides of the bearing wear parts as the benchmark to repair the benchmark size;

5. The material is solidified, and the excess materials and glaze on the datum surface and repair surface are polished and removed with sandpaper;

6. Wipe the surface of the outer ring of the bearing, then apply the SD7000 release agent to the surface of the outer ring of the bearing with a clean cotton yarn, and dry it for later use.

7. Re-check the radial clearance of the bearing, and check whether the axial clearance is up to standard;

8. The material is cured and the repair is completed.

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