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My country's self-lubricating bearings are "born out of the sky", realizing reverse output

My country's self-lubricating bearings are "born out of the sky", realizing reverse output


The role of bearings

Many people may wonder about this. In everyone’s traditional knowledge, one of the most critical functions of bearings is to reduce friction, and lubricating oil is the key to keeping parts lubricated. How can bearings that lack lubrication ensure their service life? What about the degree of lubrication?

From this point of view, the relationship between bearings and lubricating oil seems to be inseparable. The only way to avoid the adverse effects of lubricating oil on machinery seems to be to seal as much as possible. But Bai Mi is always sparse, and there is no perfect perfection in the world. No matter how well the sealing work is done, it is always difficult to avoid leakage problems. The only effective way is to abandon the use of lubricating oil.

This is definitely a challenge for the machinery industry. However, this challenge was solved in the early 1960s. The British experts in related fields successfully developed oil-free bearings, that is, self-lubricating bearings, which perfectly solved the problem of bearing oil leakage. And self-lubricating bearings were successfully put into high-end machinery manufacturing fields such as aerospace in the late 1960s. Since its development, self-lubricating bearings have become an indispensable existence in many high-end fields.

As a technology pioneered by developed countries such as the United Kingdom, self-lubricating bearings are naturally the same as high-end technologies in other manufacturing fields, which have imposed a technical blockade on my country. For a long period of time, my country has to pay no small price in the face of self-lubricating bearings. In this regard, He Liangjia, the head of Fujian Longxi Bearing, said: Foreigners can, but why can’t China? There is nothing impossible in this world. Under this belief, the research team of China Bearings started the research work on self-lubricating bearings without any equipment support and theoretical and technical foundation.

In the initial development stage of self-lubricating bearings, China's bearing research and development team can only find useful knowledge from related books over and over again. He Liangjia himself also tried his best to actually experience and understand the practical applications related to it. In this regard, He Liangjia has traveled to weaving factories and other places many times to teach himself fabric structure design, manufacturing technology, adhesive and bonding technology, surface modification treatment technology, tribology and other related knowledge.

The effort pays off. With the success of the first self-lubricating bearing, China's self-lubricating bearing technology is becoming more and more perfect, and the service life is getting longer and longer. Since its development, the service life of self-lubricating bearings produced in China has reached more than 300 hours, ranking among the top in the world. Longxi has passed the most rigorous A-standard bearing certification of the NAVAIR laboratory, the most authoritative experimental organization in the field of self-lubricating bearings, and is the only Chinese bearing company that has obtained its certification so far.

Break the blockade! Our self-lubricating bearings realize reverse output to Europe and America

Overtaking on a curve is no longer a dream! my country's self-lubricating bearings are "born out of the sky", realizing reverse output

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