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Ball Screw Support Bearings

Ball Screw Support Bearings


Highly precise angular contact thrust ball bearings for precision ball screws have been designed specifically for each application. Lineup includes both a highly rigid series and high-capacity series.


  1. The highly rigid series for machine tool applications has been designed specifically to provide large axial rigidity and precise rotation with lower starting torque.

  2. The highly rigid series is available with a lubricant seal for machine tool applications.

  3. The high load capacity series for electric injection molding machines offers enhanced service life through the use of optimally designed ball diameter and contact angle for a higher load rating.

Ball Screw Support Bearings C Series
A highly rigid and highly functional series that is available in an extensive lineup, which includes sealed bearings.
  1. Highly rigid, and offer an extended service life, which has been made possible by specifically designing the bearings for ball screw support units.

  2. Available with highly reliable and highly debris resistant contact seals.

  3. Improved ease of handling

Ball Screw Support Bearings for High-Load Drive Applications
Bearing series with a highly functional design that features a simplified design.
  1. High capacity and compact size

  2. Improved reliability offers an extended service life in comparison to standard angular contact ball bearings.

  3. Optimally designed ball bearings achieve lower rotating torque.

Angular Contact Thrust Ball Bearings for Ball Screw Support (Double Row) BSBD™ series
Double row angular contact thrust ball bearings in back-to-back arrangement (DB) with a single outer ring. The bearings from this series are contact sealed and pre-greased for easy handling.
  1. Prepacked with high-performance grease and easier handling.

  2. BSF Type bearings feature bolt holes and an extraction groove on the outer ring for easy mounting directly on to the housing and removal from.

  3. BSBD bearings are available in matched DT pairs for applications with large external loads or where high rigidity and long life are required.

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