Do you know how connecting rod set of maintenance? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
The deformation of connecting rod set of maintenance mainly includes: inspection and correction, and the connecting rod small end bushing ream. After deformation of connecting rod, can skew in the piston in the cylinder, piston and cylinder, connecting rod bearing and connecting rod journal of partial grinding, cylinder, cylinder, etc. The deformation of connecting rod deformation test of (1) correction: when connecting rod bending and torsion deformation and should be school twist after school. In the correction of connecting rod, the first thing to note down the direction of the connecting rod bent or distorted and its numerical bending and distortion degree. Deformation of connecting rod of correction (2) the installation of the piston pin: in front of the liner pressure equipment, should first try with the piston pin, such as can barely set into the piston pin is appropriate. Cannot load such as piston pin bushing or load after kuang, suggests that machining allowance is too big or too small, should be to choose bushing. Bushing into after, can according to the actual size of matching good piston pin ream ( Or boring) Bushing, make its cooperate with the piston pin within the rules. The steps are as follows: choose the reamer - Adjust the reamer - Ream - Try to match - Repair the scratch.
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