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Reduce the noise of spherical roller bearings

Reduce the noise of spherical roller bearings


(1) Methods of using chemical additives

In spherical roller bearing lubricant, add some chemical additive, can reduce the noise spherical roller bearing, for example tianjin a factory to produce a low-noise grease containing noise reduction additive, spherical roller bearing noise can be reduced from the original on the basis of 3.9 ~ 9.2 dB, suitable for use in the micro or small spherical roller bearings.

(2) Use vibration absorption or isolation devices

To use vibration absorption or isolation devices to reduce the spherical roller bearing noise or noise isolation spherical roller bearing, can get good effect, but this often pay a high price in terms of economy, sometimes make institutional change, cooling condition, or easy to rust, use of comprehensive consideration, only after other steps taken, still cannot use can reach the indexes of the low noise after this law.

Under high speed is the most simple example instead of spherical roller thrust bearing and thrust under the centripetal ball spherical roller bearings, can be in the position to full of antirust oil absorption plastic outer coat, with cover of spherical roller thrust bearing, or general spherical roller thrust bearing in the case of allowing, cylindrical hole in them or set in the same plastic covers, but control with adjacent parts when rotating friction or interference.This method has a certain silencing effect.

Another example is the addition of an intermediate sleeve between the spherical roller bearing and the seat hole, which can attenuate the vibration power transmitted to the spherical roller bearing by the rotating system. However, this requires proper deployment, otherwise the opposite effect may occur.

Another example is the use of an acoustic absorber housing to completely close or as close as possible to the spherical roller bearing system where noise occurs.The inner surface of the noise reduction cover is glass fiber or polyurethane foam, the inner surface is 0.6-lmm thick steel plate, the surface is covered with 1.2 -- 1.5mm small hole, the total area of small holes accounts for about 25% ~ 30% of the entire inner surface, the outer surface is 2mm thick steel plate.

Here fiberglass or foam is used to eliminate higher frequency noise, the inner surface with small holes is used to eliminate lower frequency noise, and the thick steel plate on the outer surface is used to isolate noise from the outside.

(3) Methods of changing the rotation speed of corresponding parts of the main engine

The noise of rolling spherical roller bearing is not very sensitive to the load, but it is very sensitive to the speed. If conditions permit, the same purpose can be achieved by reducing the speed and increasing the torque, but the noise is reduced.

[example] to reduce the noise of the pump system, the original used in motor speed to 1430 r/min flow to 10 l/min pump, instead of the speed of 710 r/min and match with more specifications of the pump and motor after you get the same flow rate, oil pump, oil pump itself spherical roller bearings and spherical roller bearing oil pump motor noise is significantly reduced, but take up space, a complete set of institutions cost also increased.

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