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Method of identification of rolling bearings

Method of identification of rolling bearings


Evaluation of radial ball bearing

For centripetal ball bearings in normal technical condition, the inner and outer raceway shall be free from spalling and serious wear marks, and shall have a bright circular groove.All ball bearings should be round, with no spots, cracks or peeling on the surface.The cage is not loose, broken or worn.When using one hand to hold the inner ring, the other hand to quickly push the outer ring rotation, the rotation is required to be smooth, only hear the ball rolling in the raceway sound, no vibration;When stopping, slow down gradually. There is no retrograde phenomenon after stopping. The clearance between the inner and outer rings of normal centripetal ball bearings and the rolling body is 0.005-0.010mm.Used bearings, you can hold the inner ring along the axis to shake a few times, when the outer ring and ball ring has a clear sound, it means that the gap with more than 0.03mm, should not continue to use.

The taper roller bearing identification

After using the bearing, check whether there is peeling between the rolling body and the inner raceway, whether the cage is too loose, whether the front and rear edges of the inner raceway are complete, and whether there are cracks in the outer raceway.After the inner ring and roller combination are loaded into the outer ring, the roller shall fall into the middle of the raceway and the forward movement shall not exceed 1.5mm.One of them is unqualified, that is, cannot be used.

The identification of aligning roller bearings and short cylindrical roller bearings is presented

The outer ring of the bearing is detachable.In normal condition, the inner and outer ring raceway and roller should have no crushing, pitting and deep grinding marks;The cage shall be free of deformation and able to pull the roller up the inner ring;The matching gap between inner and outer raceway and roller shall not exceed 0.06mm.

Identify thrust ball bearing

In normal condition, the two raceway should be free from spalling and serious wear, and the ball should be free from breakage and pitting.The cage shall be free from deformation, shall not touch the two raceway washers, and shall hold the ball balls securely together.

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