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Lubrication of iron - making and steel - making equipment

Lubrication of iron - making and steel - making equipment


1.Ironmaking and sintering equipment lubrication ironmaking and sintering equipment such as coking, pusher machine, limestone and ore sintering equipment, large blower, ore dou traction rope, top equipment, cupola furnace, blast furnace, belt conveyor, etc., are exposed to atmospheric dust and smoke and dust, corrosive environment, prone to corrosion, abrasive wear and cavitation.To which the corresponding bearing, reducer, gear, worm gear, hydraulic system, wire rope should be lubricated.Table 1 shows some oils for metallurgical equipment. Examples of oils for iron making and sintering equipment are listed.Coking machinery due to frequent exposure to the coal dust in the air, so must be sealed lubrication, such as the furnace door switch and bottom turning car and water pouring cold car hydraulic system, the general application of water - ethylene glycol and other flammable hydraulic fluid;Belt conveyor bearings should be lubricated with lithium or composite calcium grease.Coke pushing machine intermittent work, and impact load, in the coal dust and high temperature environment, need to use heat, water resistance good extreme pressure lithium base grease or use antioxidant, rust and extreme pressure lubricating oil for circulation lubrication, hydraulic system also need to use refractory hydraulic fluid.Gas purification and chemical by-product recovery part of the machinery, because of the dust and corrosive smoke, so such as the gas exhaust machine used lubricants should be antioxidant anti-rust type turbine oil, and the application of a filter circulation lubrication system.Limestone and ore sintering equipment, often in dust and vibration and high temperature conditions, so the use of complex calcium, complex lithium, bentonite or complex aluminum base grease.In general, no. 0 or no. 1 extreme pressure lithium grease dry oil lubrication system can be used to lubricate the furnace top equipment such as large blast furnace and ore bucket traction wire rope.Hot metal charter car load is large, high temperature, the drop point is greater than 125℃ extreme pressure lithium grease lubrication.

2.The operation of modern steelmaking furnace is controlled by computer with a high degree of automation.In the oxygen blowing converter equipment, the oxygen blowing converter is supported by the limit rotating shaft, the supporting rolling bearing is lubricated by molybdenum disulfide lithium grease, the static pressure bearing and ptfe shaft pad, also can be lubricated by grease.The converter driving gear is lubricated with medium or heavy load industrial gear oil.The main auxiliary equipment such as exhaust fan, motor, charging crane and crane have many lubrication points, which are lubricated with the corresponding lubricating grease dry oil lubrication system, driving gear commonly used oil bath lubrication.The rolling bearings of the continuous casting machine, including the turntable of the casting machine, the crown wheel, the mould swinging device and the ingot taking stand, are generally lubricated with the complex aluminum grease under high temperature.Mold lubrication is to prevent mold wear or adhesion of lubricants.The hydraulic medium of continuous casting is usually water-ethylene glycol or phosphate ester type medium.

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