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Bearing can occupy the market pioneer

by:Waxing     2020-11-20
Although bearing can occupy the market pioneer in China in recent years in exploring international market, expand exports of bearing has made remarkable achievements, but is also faced with the foreign bearing network development in our country, become a trade, between bearing is Japan original products, have been sellers in our company, but most of them are cheap miniature ball bearings. In 608 zz bearing, for example, bearing on the quality in a domestic trade because it was approved by the user crow, it is widespread in host kit in our country, it also illustrates the miniature ball bearings with our export orientation in the low-end market. Bearing in the domestic price of not on behalf of the quality of a material of high and low, but in the important part of science and technology content is higher, the yield when production bearing when the amount of manpower and financial resources are larger; After the finished product due to the selling stage there are relatively low, in order to reduce the price strategy to attract domestic vast potential users, such not only can increase sales, you can also pull the whole domain chain flourish, and of course some bearing type of quality is not high, but is the price is low, there are buyers looking at it in use process is understanding possible error. Bearing on price low into the Chinese market, in China based on foot, but on the quality of a material is equal to FAG bearing, * * * bearing, sold at low prices for the state bearing, not only affect the choice of other bearing reason; Can't looked down on the price tag, adhere to high quality to win, so we improve the bearing on the sales work system, deserve to go up is consummation post-sale to customers the best service attitude, so sell bearing is meaningful, to push the whole industry chain to the right direction. Above if have not understand can online consulting professional service engineers: Lu Tianze - 0769 22987612 13827223590 recommended reading: 【 Mold industry and leading road 】
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