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Overview and Application of Equal Section Thin Section Bearings

Overview and Application of Equal Section Thin Section Bearings


Equal cross-section thin-walled bearings are a kind of bearing with special cross-section width and thickness. The same cross-section size can match a variety of different bearing inner diameters. Compared with standard bearings, as the inner diameter of the bearing increases, the width and thickness also increase proportionally, while the equal-section thin-walled bearings increase the inner diameter, but the cross-sectional size remains unchanged.

Compared with standard bearings, thin-walled bearings can optimize system design more effectively to reduce total cost. This structure type, combined with different rollers and cage types, can create a variety of thin-walled bearing products based on limited cross-sectional dimensions.

Especially in the fields of medical equipment, optical equipment, infrared scanning equipment and robots, the size and weight of installation space are key considerations in terms of overall design and manufacturing costs. Even though the market price of thin-walled bearings is higher than that of standard bearings with similar apertures, thin Wall bearings can enable significant cost savings in system design and application in terms of reduced space and reduced weight.

Equal cross-section thin-walled bearing application fields

1. Mechanical equipment: machine tools, presses, auto parts processing centers, etc.

2. Means of transportation: passenger cars (chassis), trucks (body), motorcycles, etc.

3. Automation device: manipulator

4. Bearing drive equipment

5. Optical equipment (glass lens/lens/film) processing equipment: glass grinder, etc.

6. Steel equipment: rolling mill/roller/cold rolling mill, etc.

7. Landscape industry: printing and plate-making equipment for camera bases, telescopes, optical glasses, laser engraving machines, three-dimensional scanners, etc.

8. Special and general-purpose ball bearings for robots: special ball bearings for welding robots, special ball bearings for medical inspection/diagnosis, and special roller bearings for mechanical equipment

9. Selection of precision mechanical equipment bearings: electronic instruments and meters, precision machine tools, medical equipment, high-end transmission machinery (belt transmission) and application fields, etc.

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