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Home service


At present, the sealing technology section covers sealing application solutions for five industries, namely medical equipment, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, machine tools, automation and mining, and more industrial solutions will be launched successively. Sealing products required by customers can also be found in the product section. If you have customized requirements, you can also click "customized seal" to leave contact information and equipment application conditions, then SKF seal technicians will contact you as soon as possible.

You can enter the section of sealing technology by scanning the qr code or clicking the "seal technology" in "sijia service" in "WXing official WeChat public account". You can also contact the WXing  sealing technology team in the "real-time connection in extraordinary times" to consult the one-key docking business; The intelligent service assistant on the right of the page can also answer questions in real time.

In the future, the sealing technology section will also bring a new experience of "one-click order, instant production", and provide customers with more time-saving, convenient and efficient sealing business support.

WXing  is always committed to improving customer experience, sijia service platform will continue to optimize, through more efficient digital tools and accessible services, to bring customers a better experience!knuckle bearing-2

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