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Cylindrical roller linear guide super X series installation

Cylindrical roller linear guide super X series installation


When several sets are installed at the same time

For the cylindrical roller linear guide super X of the combined specifications of the field, combine the sliders and sliders with the same interchangeability mark (" S1 "or" S2 ").

For cylindrical roller linear guide super X of non-free combination specifications, do not change the combination of sliders and sliders on delivery.

The special specifications (auxiliary mark "/ W") used as a group have been adjusted for mutual tolerances at the time of delivery and do not mix with other groups during installation.

Assembly of slide block and slide track

When the slider is mounted on the slide track, align the slider correctly with the track surface of the slide track and gently move the slider parallel to each other.Rough handling can damage gaskets or cause rollers to fall off.

The slider of free combination specification is pre-installed with auxiliary installation track, and the series of non-interchangeable specification size of 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 and 30 with auxiliary installation track should be used for assembly.

Machining accuracy of mounting surface

The precision difference between the mounting surface of cylindrical roller linear guide super X and the precision difference generated during installation will lead to loads exceeding the estimated load, which will affect the life of the linear guide, so attention must be paid during installation.

The installation part of sliding rail and sliding block should be machined precisely according to the required working conditions such as motion accuracy and rigidity, and the installation structure should be studied precisely considering the maintenance of accuracy and performance to improve the reliability of linear guide.

Figure 1 shows the general standard for parallelism of two mounting planes when used for several sets.

Cleaning of mounting surface

Please use whetstone to remove burrs and scratches on the mounting surface and base surface of the machine or equipment that installs the cylindrical roller linear guide super X and wipe off the anti-rust oil and dirt with a clean right side.

Tightening torque of fixing screw

Super X is made of steel, and the tightening torque of the fixing screw is shown in Figure 2.When the vibration impact of machinery and equipment and the load change greatly or the load moment, please fix the torque according to 1.2 to 1.5 times of the load value in the monthly table of needs.When the other material is cast iron or aluminum alloy, please reduce the tightening torque according to the strength characteristics of the material.

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