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CNC machine tool maintenance and maintenance purposes

CNC machine tool maintenance and maintenance purposes


As we know, CNC machine tool is a comprehensive application of computer technology, automatic control technology, automatic detection technology and precision mechanical design and manufacturing and other advanced technology high-tech products, is a high degree of technology intensity and automation are very high, a typical mechatronics products;.Compared with ordinary machine tool, CNC machine tools has not only high precision parts processing, high efficiency, stable product quality characteristics of high automation degree, and it also can complete to conventional machine tools or not at all machining complex curved surface parts processing, so the status of nc machine tool in mechanical manufacturing appears more and more important.We can even say this: in the machinery manufacturing industry, the grade and ownership of CNC machine tools, is an important symbol of an enterprise's manufacturing capacity.

However, we should clearly recognize that in enterprise production, numerical control machine tool can achieve high machining accuracy, stable product quality, improve production efficiency goals, this depends not only on the precision and performance of the machine tool itself, largely with the operator in production can be correctly is closely related to the maintenance of CNC machine tool and use.

At the same time, we should also note that the concept of numerical control machine tool maintenance, can not simply understand CNC system or mechanical part and the other part of the nc machine tool in the event of a failure, just rely on maintenance personnel how to troubleshoot and repair in time, make the nc machine tools can be put into use as early as possible, this should also include the correct use and daily maintenance, etc.

To sum up, only by insisting on daily maintenance of the machine tools, can the service life of the components be extended, the wear cycle of the mechanical parts be prolonged, and the occurrence of accidents and malignant accidents be prevented, so as to make the machine tools work stably for a long time.And to give full play to the advantage of nc machine tool processing, achieve technical characteristics of the nc machine tools, to ensure normal work of nc machine tools can, therefore, neither the operator of nc machine tool, or for numerical control machine tool maintenance personnel, CNC machine maintenance and maintenance is very important, we must attach great importance to.

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