Train rolling bearing common faults, column have benefited a lot from knowledge - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
In recent days, read about beginner column on the BBS of related inspection of railway bearing knowledge situation, one of the questions is 'train rolling bearing common failures have? 'According to this problem, China bearing network according to the summary learned that train rolling bearing common fault, there are mainly six here are detailed answers, hope help column test. Train rolling bearing common faults, column benefits: 1, to handle the rotating bearing inner lack of oil bearing, a mild, even 'hua hua' sound is normal, this is the roller from load area ( Above the shaft neck) And landed on the cage bar, the sound of every week sound is consistent and continuous. When the bearing inner lack of oil, there will be impact roller cage beams have a larger impact and regularly and crisp 'man' sound. 2, roller and raceway stripping, card bearing inner and outer ring raceway surface or roller rolling surface once appear, stripping, card, due to injury and falling to the rolling surface of melted metal, bearing rolling not flexible, and every turn to stripping, the wounds have card lag phenomenon, at the same time, there are gaps, the sense of 'empty' this kind of phenomenon for roller or raceway local dissection, card. 3, roller broken when roller broken, according to the degree of its broken and scattered will appear different degrees of rotation is not flexible, until it is difficult to rotate both messy random vibration sense or sound. Turn the bearing by hand, if the rotation is not freely or simply turn the fixed roller broken. 4, bearing internal corrosion or entities eyewinker when bearing internal corrosion or entity foreign body, turn the bearing by hand, will appear different sound or card lag phenomenon. 5 to handle the rotating bearing, bearing internal rolling skin if they give the dry friction of 'rustling' sound, and trembling slightly feel this kind of phenomenon for bearing inner and outer ring raceway surface or roller rolling surface of the rolling skin. 6, after the seal seat scratches to handle the rotation shaft bearings, if rotating bearing resistance and friction, scratch journal after seal seat.
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