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Split bearing pedestal structure characteristics for maintenance

Split bearing pedestal structure characteristics for maintenance


To cause wear, collision, or even fracture of the cage at the point of contact between the cage and the rolling body or ring.When the split bearing seat seal is not good, so that dust or particulate matter into the bearing, or poor lubrication, will cause serious contact surface abrasions or wear, and make the vibration and noise of the bearing increase.

The outer ring of split bearing seat is formed by precision stamping with thin steel plate, with small structure space and large load capacity.Suitable for installation space is limited and shell hole is not suitable for raceway.And after pressing into the seat hole, no further axial positioning is required.This kind of bearing generally does not need the inner ring, if need to use the inner ring, can be selected from the sample, compared with the perforated stamping outer ring bearing, sealing type stamping outer ring bearing is very effective to seal the bearing parts of the shaft end.Long-term use of grease lubrication split bearing temperature is 20 ° C to 120 ° C -.

When disassembling the split bearing seat for maintenance, first record the bearing appearance, confirm the residual stock of lubricant, sample the lubricant used for inspection, then wash the bearing.As a cleaning agent, common use of gasoline, kerosene. 

Clean the disassembled bearings, coarse cleaning and fine cleaning, respectively in the container, first put a metal net bottom, so that the bearing does not directly contact the container of dirt.During rough cleaning, if the split bearing seat is rotated with dirt, it will damage the rolling surface of the bearing, which should be paid attention to.In the crude cleaning oil, use the brush to remove grease, sticking matter, roughly clean, into fine washing. 

Fine cleaning, is the split bearing seat in the cleaning oil side rotation, side carefully clean.In addition, the cleaning oil should always be kept clean. 

In order to judge whether the disassembled bearing can be used again, it is necessary to check the state of raceway surface, rolling surface, mating surface, the wear of the cage, the increase of clearance of the split bearing seat and any damage or abnormality related to the decrease of dimensional accuracy after cleaning the bearing.Non-separated ball bearings, with one hand will support the inner ring horizontal, rotating the outer ring to confirm whether smooth.

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