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On-site maintenance of reducer bearing seat is so simple

On-site maintenance of reducer bearing seat is so simple


Reducer is one of the main equipment of the enterprise, the equipment due to the long run, lead to the emergence of the problem of bearing wear, direct bearing "outer" phenomenon, make the equipment vibration, high temperature obviously, for a long time to run in spite of can lead to bearing damage, lock, such as fault, the equipment transmission failure, so the maintenance timeliness of reducer bearing seat is essential.

Enterprises multiple rolling mill reducer bearing chamber in a wear, the wear is the cause of equipment in hot and humid overloaded work environment for a long time, time is long bearing outer ring and the contact area between the bearing chamber is easy to produce metal fatigue, fatigue of the metal, metal outer ring and bearing chamber can produce clearance, relative motion, accelerated wear of the bearing chamber.The mating form between the bearing outer ring and the bearing chamber belongs to the transition fit. At the beginning of the design, it is required that the bearing can not be too tight in the seat, and sometimes it is required that the bearing has a certain amount of peristalsis in the seat.

Reducer bearing seat maintenance solutions:

Repair welding: advantages 1. Can be implemented on site 2. Lower cost 3.Disadvantages 1. Damage material 2. Easy to wear again 3

Brush plating: advantages 1. More mature technology 2.Disadvantages: 1. Unable to repair on site 2. Large amount of wear and tear, poor effect 3

Reaming set: advantages: 1. Low cost 2. Mature technology disadvantages: 1.3. Equipment vibration is high

Spraying: advantages: 1. Relatively mature technology 2. Suitable for repairing large wear equipment disadvantages: 1.Unable to repair on site 2. Complex repair process 3. Long repair cycle 4

Due to the large amount of maintenance required by the enterprise and the limited time, the above methods cannot be quickly solved, while Soleil carbon nanopolymer material technology is a relatively mature and cost-effective maintenance solution.Short time, low cost and good effect are the main characteristics of this technology.Let's take a look at the specific reducer bearing seat maintenance process know how simple this method is:

(1) Surface treatment is carried out on the surface of the worn bearing chamber, and the baking oil is polished to expose the metal primary color;

(2) Clean the surface with anhydrous ethanol to ensure that the surface is free from oil and impurities, and air dry;

(3) The carbon nanopolymer SD7101H was uniformly coated on the surface;

(4) Scrape out the material and restore the original size of the bearing room;

(5) heating curing materials;

⑥ Reinstall the equipment;

Measuring bearing operating clearance, measuring gear meshing clearance;

⑧ when lifting the shaft, pay attention to the protection of materials to avoid pit damage.

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