To detect the quality of INA bearing lubricating oil from using noise judgment - lubricating bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
Lubricating oil is the most simple three detection methods are respectively: staining method, color differentiation method and twist grinding staining method: will drop after oil thesis& beaten on a blank sheet of paper ( It's best to filter paper) , form the oil stain, staining outward from the center after about 2 ~ 3 hours of gradually spread, form three concentric rings. According to the color of the three regions, size and shape can identify the state of the oil. Color discrimination method: normal for brown and dark blue. If a part, it shows that the oil blended with diesel or moisture, should be replaced in a timely manner. If dark black, it showed that the oil has been bad, must be timely replacement. Twist grinding: from low shell removed a little oil, oil paint on your fingers, fingers and thumb twist mill. If you have any impurity or feel oil like water without a sticky feeling, even send acerbity or have a sour taste, oil has been bad. If twist after grinding on the finger to see small shiny metal grinding, the serious wear and tear parts, engine are also shows that the oil must be replaced immediately. 1. Low-temperature high-speed bearing grease at present, the use of INA bearings increasingly fine equipment, prompting bearing grease used must have the following properties: ( 1) Have the same operation and bearing life, try to prolong the maintenance cycle, shorten downtime, improve labor productivity. ( 2) Under the high speed of dn> 5 x 105 to ensure that the motor temperature rise is low, not dump oil, thus reducing power consumption and protect the motor. ( 3) The impurity content control under certain criteria, the earth can reduce noise pollution to the environment. ( 4) In turn guarantees bearing under working conditions starting and operation flexibility, guarantee the output power is minimal. 2. General low noise motor bearing grease in the INA bearing industry, this kind of grease are the biggest, accounts for about 70% of the total in fat mass. Because this kind of grease to choose soft, easy to filter the fibres lithium soap thickeners, the use of mineral oil as base oil, it is easy to meet the requirements of low-standard bearing to reduce the vibration value. Another advantage is good pumping, whether mechanical fatliquoring, or manual besmear fat, is easy. 3. High temperature and long life and low noise bearing grease under the environment of high temperature and high speed using grease should have the following features: ( 1) Don't loss at high temperatures, namely consistency is constant at about 180 ℃ temperature, not soften. ( 2) Oil spill is less. When the grease in the bearing under high frequency repeated shear function, and a lot of centrifugal force lubrication timely back into the race is not thrown out. ( 3) Have a mute effect, due to the high temperature grease fiber general hardness is larger, so quiet in the bearing noise test performance than a lithium base grease. ( 4) This type of grease to the service life of high temperature to a certain extent, has good oxidation resistance at high temperature, so as to prolong the life of INA bearings and related equipment.
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