The use of the printing press roller and bearing maintenance - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
Regardless of any kind of printing machines, machine after putting in place a new equipment installation, must first by technicians and collar machine installation printing rubber roller. Rubber roller installation height must be reasonable debugging, it must be closely contact with the ink roller and plate, both be short of one cannot. Printing professionals know the height of the relief is 3. 14 mm, and the height of the type is consistent, but relatively low PS version 1. 2 mm, so in the installation and debugging the rubber roller must know fairly well. If it is printing color printing quality, lower roller is adjustable, error of plus or minus 0. 5 mm, so that the ink roller transfer to the rubber roller printing ink was homogeneous, and reflected onto the plate printing roller has the same effect, printed products make people feast for the eyes, if not, will appear the phenomenon such as ink, ink way. In the printed word, the height of the rubber roller and basic text version of flat or slightly lower, that can make the printing rubber roller friction plate, gently so that the text printing is very clear and crisp, rubber roller wear surface is not easy to damage, smaller can use plate longer. Adjustment should be used when the glue roller. Before use, first remove the plate to glue roller level into pull out a few times, as soon as the ink dot size on the glue roller, the operator according to the different needs of print to determine the degree of printing rubber roller, and then put the top wire rope. When the high speed printing so the quality of rubber roller will not change. 'If we lack of patience when using rubber roller, debugging rush graph save trouble, the following occurs:' A. Rubber roller surface damage, slag, the printed word missing pen is broken, so blurred, appear even paste blind, jump glue phenomenon. B。 Text lis is differ, appear even print surface only text marks have no ink. C。 If the rubber roller and debugging to the ink rubber roller is too tight, will put the printing rubber roller twist caused economic losses and bad equipment accident. 02 printing rubber roller maintenance in offset printing technology is the key of water and ink balance control, road and ink balance is the key components, rubber roller, ink roller its quality stand or fall that act directly on the product quality. Intaglio printing, letterpress and flexo. General printing enterprise to maintain a weekly equipment, including maintenance of printing roller. Maintenance method has the following kinds: 1. After the completion of the daily production operation should be carefully cleaning the rubber roller, repeated twice; 2. Printing rubber roller cleaning must use the specified chemicals, such as industrial alcohol, etc. , can't use corrosive solvent; 3. Holiday during the break to remove the rubber roller, prevent compression deformation; 4. To protect the printing rubber roller surface should be taken to a news paper, placed ventilation in the shadows. 03 common rubber roller problem between the solution to the problem of a rubber roller pressure is overweight, can increase the friction between the rubber roller, the roller heating heating, increase extrusion expansion between rubber roller, accelerate the aging and deformation of the rubber roller, to speed up the ink and water emulsion process, this is not conducive to ink. Solution: between rubber roller pressure should be basically the same and contact pressure on the layout. Experience is to use a 1500 yarn, 3 cm wide plug inserted between rubber roller, can feel a certain tension. After scrubbing, with a clean cloth to wipe it again then put rubber roller to the machine, in order to use next time. Problem two processing surface crystallization closed rubber roller surface of wool stoma, deprive rubber roller ink role, cause uneven ink transfer, prone to ink emulsification. Solution: to unload of the machine, rubber roller, with flat shelf, take cloth glued kerosene and pumice, forcibly evenly to clean the surface of the rubber roller, the roller surface crystallization layer erase, show the original plastic roller rubber color, with a car wash water or gas residue on the rubber roller of the kerosene and pumice to clean, install and adjust the good rubber roller pressure again. 04 about bearing on the rubber roller bearing in the high-speed operation of the machine, bearing wear is obvious, plus the operators of bearing maintenance do not pay attention at ordinary times, the wear is more severe. Rubber roller bearing is damaged, it would jump produce rubber roller friction and extrusion, shorten the service life of rubber roller, and can make the printed products are 'ink, water bar' phenomenon. So require operators once a week to take off the rubber roller, called bearing butter, who wear badly, turn the bad bearing change, to ensure the normal use of rubber roller.
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