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Common identification method of tapered roller bearing mass

Common identification method of tapered roller bearing mass


Tapered roller bearings are commonly used in automobiles. Tapered roller bearings exist in wheels, turntable and other parts that need to be twisted. They are very important instrument parts in the transmission system.Due to the large use of tapered roller, its wear is correspondingly high, so the replacement of tapered roller bearings is a common work in the car maintenance.

At present, the market for various types of brands of tapered roller bearings store more than countless.When you are choosing bearings, do you ask yourself the quality of tapered roller bearings sold in the store?Is it a counterfeit product?

Five common methods for identifying the mass of tapered roller bearings are described in detail below:

The first is to observe whether the outer packing of the bearing is clear.

In general, the factory brand has its own special design personnel for external packaging design, and layout production premise clearance factory for manufacturing production, so no matter the packaging from the line to the color block is very clear, not fuzzy.(There is also a common design on the packaging of accessories of local brands to protect my common sense property rights, which will be introduced in the future).

The second is the bearing of the steel word is clear.

The taper roller bearing body will be printed with brand words, labels, etc.The font is very small, most of the factory production use of steel printing skills, and before the heat treatment on the press, so the font is small, but deep, very clear.The font of the counterfeit product is not only confused, because the printing skills are clumsy, the font floating on the surface, some can even casually wipe with the hand.

The third is to check whether the bearing has miscellaneous sound.

Hold the inner sleeve of the tapered roller bearing with your left hand, and twist the outer coat with your right hand. Listen for any noise.Because most of the production of counterfeit products is the premise of falling behind, complete manual work style operation, in the production process will inevitably be mixed with sand a class of impurities, hidden in the tapered roller bearing body, so in the torsion of the noise will be announced.This is the biggest difference between the strict implementation of production standards, and the use of machinery to operate the factory brand.

The fourth is to check the appearance of the bearing whether there is a muddy oil mark.

Should pay special attention when purchase of tapered roller bearing oil stains, because the current domestic antirust ability is not special for home, when for rust prevention treatment of tapered roller bearing body so easily leave a thick oil stains, holding the thick thick, while the foreign original simply can't see the anti-rust oil on the tapered roller bearing of passed, is a special careful hand said smell tapered roller bearing of a kind of taste, must be under the anti-rust oil, just can't see.

The fifth is to check whether the bearing chamfer is even.

The chamfer of the tapered roller bearing is the metasomatic place between the horizontal and vertical surfaces. The imitation tapered roller bearing is limited by the production skills, so it is hard to reach the position at the corners.

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