The selection of the bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
Using rolling bearing all kinds of machinery, instruments, such as market performance has become increasingly strict, for bearing the required conditions, the performance is also increasingly diverse. In order to from a large number of structure, size, choose the most suitable bearing, need study from various angles. When choosing bearing, generally, considered as a shafting bearing arrangement, installation, remove the difficulty level of, bearing, size allowed by the space and marketability of bearing, roughly defines the structure of the bearing. Secondly, comparative study on various mechanical design life of the bearing and the bearing of a variety of different endurance limit bearing has to be decided. When choosing bearing, tend to be only consider the fatigue life of bearing, the aging by grease and grease, wear life, noise, etc. Also need to be fully research. Furthermore, according to different purposes, it is necessary to select precision, clearance, cage structure, grease, etc. , as a special design of the bearing. However, choosing bearing no certain order, rules, consideration should be given priority is to bearing the required conditions, performance, most related matters, especially the actual. 'Bearing the required conditions, the performance of the conditions of use and environmental conditions, a. dimensions of bearing installation of certain space. through the load bearing is allowed in the size and direction of vibration and shock limit speed of rotation speed and bearing inner ring and outer ring of the inclined shaft to the direction of fixed with bearing arrangement, loading and unloading easy a. a. marketability, noise, torque, a. rigid economy decision, a. use mechanical bearing structure, arrangement and design life. through equivalent dynamic load or equivalent static load, a. a. allow rotation speed, static load coefficient of a. allow axial load ( Under the condition of cylindrical roller bearing) Decided to bearing size precision rotary pendulum in the term '. through high speed rotation torque change decision, bearings, precision grade a. a. a. rotation speed difference between inner ring and outer ring of inner ring and outer ring tilt. through preloading quantity ( Internal) Clearance 'rotation' noise 'use temperature, a. use decided to keep the shape, material temperature, a. rotation speed lubricating way'. through lubrication sealing way. through the maintenance, the maintenance decision method, lubricants, sealing, a. a. job card handling order decision related to install the mould's size and installation about the size of the loading and unloading methods around the bearing and the bearing part of the final specification
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