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Bearings commonly used in motors

Bearings commonly used in motors


Application of rolling bearing in motor

Motors are divided into: drive end, non-drive end, bearing chamber, spring, motor shaft, drive end bearing, armature, non-drive end bearing and fan.The following are the main types of bearings commonly used in the motor:

Deep groove ball bearings -- the most used type of bearings in motors;

Cylindrical roller bearings - NUP and NJ series with an Angle ring HJ, it can withstand bidirectional axial load, often used for traction motor and vibration motor;

Angular contact ball bearings -- more widely used in vertical motors (v-type motors);Angular contact ball bearings can withstand unidirectional axial forces.In applications where the direction of the axial force may change, two angular contact ball bearings of type X or type O arrangement may be used.

Spindle bearing -- in some high-speed applications, such as machine tool high-speed motor - rotor shaft is also the machine tool spindle, commonly used spindle bearing.

Tapered roller bearings - usually used in special motors where the motor shaft is subjected to relatively large axial forces from gearboxes or other components, tapered roller bearings are the best choice.

Aligning roller bearing -- suitable for heavy load conditions with high load capacity, it can bear axial force in two directions and high radial force.Because the roller and roll close to the degree of tightness, so the stress distribution is more uniform.

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