The actual function of needle bearing initial fault diagnosis is what

by:Waxing     2020-05-24
Needle roller bearing has played a very critical role in the entire device, if it has a few faults appear at the same time, will cause serious consequences. In this case, the key is to deal with problems first to solve the initial needle roller bearing fault. Simple to understand, is the accurate judgment and detection of early failure of the needle roller bearing maintenance work of needle roller bearing is very important. In order to get more accurate judgment and testing structure, the general needle roller bearing are designed with a steam initial fault diagnostic function, through the program, to determine the initial fault alarm number. In the process of needle bearing maintenance, once after its initial failure was ruled out, other triggered the fault also can disappear, it's great convenience of needle bearing maintenance, greatly improve the quickness and accuracy of maintenance work, make its bearing returned to normal as soon as possible. In order to convenient maintenance needle roller bearing and carries on the repair, as a professional maintenance personnel, must have the ability to display and needle roller bearing fault detection. In the event of failure, maintenance personnel can according to the needle roller bearing fault display number to determine the type of fault, to be ruled out. But in the actual processing process, also showed a few failures, caused by a failure of cascading failure, ruled out the initial cause failure, other fault alarm disappears. But from the needle roller bearing shows all alarm failure, maintenance personnel do not know which failure is auto needle roller bearing in the early beginning cause failure, can only fault check them one by one, this increases the difficulty of maintenance, causing the waste of resources.
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