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Purchase original bearing detection is like this, do you know? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Bearing vibration value is normal bearing is an important parameter of the regulated, today the way of bearing vibration test method. 1 type, speed of bearing vibration measuring instrument measured bearing test method will be installed on the spindle, make its end face close to the shoulder, for cylindrical roller bearing, should keep inside and outside the circle of the two end in the same plane. Deep groove ball bearing should be positive and negative test respectively. Contact Angle and taper roller bearings, according to the test carry axial load in the direction of the installation. NJ model cylindrical roller bearing inner ring guard end face is close to the shoulder test installation. NF model cylindrical roller bearing outer ring guard is facing out test. N and NU type cylindrical roller bearings will datum in the direction of the spindle shaft shoulder installation, shall ensure that in the process of testing ring does not produce axial displacement. Places provisions on the bearing outer ring axial or radial load, the outer ring will be in half width measuring point. After starting the spindle, the indicating instrument is in a stable reading three frequencies of vibration value, respectively, for each measuring point vibration velocity signal measuring time should not less than 0. 5S。 Type 2, acceleration test method of the bearing vibration measuring instrument installation method 1, under specified test conditions, the bearing running for a period of time to get the stable bearing vibration state, corresponding to each measuring position of bearing vibration value in some condition. Single measurement, take average of the values measured at three bearing test for the set of bearing vibration acceleration level. Measured bearing single two-sided measurement take three measuring average is used as the set of bearing vibration acceleration level. Take the bearing of each measuring point vibration acceleration peak value of maximum as the set of bearing vibration acceleration peak value. Take the bearing of each measurement point of the maximum crest factor as the bearing acceleration crest factor. Summary, bearing is highly sophisticated and core components, be sure to use according to the parameters.
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