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The Proportion Of Bearing Failure Forms

The Proportion Of Bearing Failure Forms


1. Improper assembly -- 16%

In general, improper assembly of bearings occupies 16% of the proportion, and 16% of premature failure of various bearings is due to improper assembly (usually due to excessive force...).And not using the assembly tool correctly.Some equipment requires correct and efficient installation and removal by mechanical, hydraulic, or heating methods.A complete set of tools and equipment using a variety of professional engineering services techniques, making these tools simple, fast and more efficient.The use of specialized tools and techniques for professional assembly is a solution to maximize machine running time.

2. Improper lubrication -- 36%

Improper lubrication of bearings generally accounts for 36%. Although a variety of "maintainment-free" sealed bearings can be installed, 36% of premature failure bearings are still caused by incorrect technical application and improper use of grease.Any improperly lubricated bearing will inevitably fail prematurely before its normal service life.Because bearings are usually the most difficult parts to load and unload in mechanical equipment, there will be problems if they are not lubricated often.In the case that manual maintenance cannot be achieved, the development of automatic lubrication system to achieve the best lubrication effect.Effective lubrication with quality greases, tools and techniques as required will help to significantly reduce downtime.

Pollution -- 14 percent

Bearing pollution generally accounts for 14%.Bearings are precision parts. If the bearings and grease are polluted, they will not be able to operate effectively.In addition, since maintenance-free sealed bearings that have been greased account for only a small fraction of all bearings in use, at least 14% of all bearings that fail prematurely are due to pollution problems, SKF has superior bearing manufacturing and design capabilities to provide sealing solutions for a wide range of harsh working environments.

4. Fatigue -- 34%

Bearing fatigue failure generally accounts for 34%.Bearings will be affected if the machine is overloaded, used or maintained improperly, and 34% of premature failure of bearings is due to fatigue.Because bearings give "advance warning" when they are not properly maintained or stressed, they can be detected and analyzed with condition monitoring equipment, so sudden or unplanned failures can be avoided.

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