NSK bearing import operation examination skills - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
Japan NSK bearings after installation, in order to check whether the installation is correct, to the examination of the operation, small mechanical rotate confirm whether can use the hand well. Check project has caused by foreign bodies, scar, indentation and seized up, bad for installation and the installation seat processing bad and the imbalance of the rotating torque, the seal clearance is too small, the installation error caused by friction torque, etc. If there is no abnormal can start power operation. Because of heavy machinery can't manual rotation, so the no-load start immediately after turn off the power, to inertia, check whether there is presence of vibration, noise, rotating parts contact, etc. , confirmed that operate without exception into power. Dynamic operation, from the beginning of the no-load speed, rated operation conditions to slowly. Test run to check the items, whether there is abnormal sound, Japanese NSK bearing temperature transfer, leakage of lubricants and discoloration, and so on. In test run if discovery is unusual, should stop immediately, check the machine, it is necessary to unload bearing inspection. Japan NSK import bearing temperature check general appearance supposedly from housing. But using the oil hole, direct measurement of bearing outer ring temperature, more accurate. Bearing temperature began to rise, without exception, usually stable after 1 ~ 2 hours. If because of the bearing or install such bad, bearing temperature will rise sharply, abnormal high temperature. The reason such as lubricant, bearing clearance is too small, too much bad installation, excessive friction sealing device, etc. High-speed rotation, bearing the lubrication methods selection error is also the reason.
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