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How to look at the quality of a bearing

How to look at the quality of a bearing


1 first of all, see the bearing steel material, German FAG bearing is their professional steel mill production, in hardness and precision are higher than the fake FAG bearing.

2 by high input labeling equipment, in order to set up the enterprise brand image, to prevent the product was fake, FAG bearing manufacturer with a laser marking machine, hope to set up the enterprise image, in line with international standards, at the same time, with high input to control the product was fake, however, due to the laser marking machine using computer control, mark font, size, etc. Edit the advantages of convenient, not only can effectively prevent counterfeiting, adds difficulty to the counterfeiters.

3. Observation.If the rolling bearing is observed with the naked eye, the inner and outer raceway shall have no peeling marks or serious wear and shall be in the shape of an arc groove.There should be no spots, cracks or peeling on the surface of all rolling bodies.The cage should not be loose, damaged, worn through, and the clearance with the rolling body is not large.

4 feel method.The clearance between the inner and outer seat ring of the normal bearing and the rolling body is 0.005 ~ 0.010 mm.For the rolling bearing that has been used for one stage, hold the inner seat ring with your finger to move axially.

5 rotation method.With one hand holding the bearing inner ring, the other hand rotating the outer ring, the bearing should be able to rotate flexibly, and should not feel radial shaking.

Of course, if the price is much lower than the normal price may be false advice do not buy after all, you get what you pay for after all, the cost is high, so the import is very expensive. 

During the inspection, the above five empirical methods should be combined to make a correct judgment on the technical state of the rolling bearing.For tapered roller bearings, it should also be observed whether the rolling body is located in the middle of the outer seat ring, if there is a forward movement, should not exceed 1.5 mm

In addition to the above discrimination method, from the color, precision can also be distinguished.At the same time, it can also refer to other imported bearing brands, iko bearings, Swedish SKF bearings, American TIMKEN bearings, Japanese NSK bearings, koyo bearings, etc.

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