Fan bearing should be how to maintain the box - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Fan box is a high quality of ventilation and smoke exhaust equipment, it is composed of many small parts, each widget for fan box are indispensable part of fan box has several important components are in the process of daily maintenance to be more careful. As long as the safeguard of these components, can guarantee the normal operation of the blower box. For the fan box bearing is one of the core parts of fan box equipment, bearings how to maintain? In the process of inspection we will corresponding components are removed, the bearing box cover is removed to reveal the fan bearing part of the box, inspection on bearing lubrication degree, if the bearing lubrication degree is not up to standard, corresponding conform to the specifications of the lubricating oil should be added to strengthen fan box bearing lubrication degree, to ensure the normal operation of the blower box bearings running smooth enough, in the process of bearing was in fact a very cost oil components, we're going to check every five oil compensating work accordingly. Besides fan impeller part of the box is also very important, one of the core parts in the daily maintenance work, we have to check box fan impeller blade fracture, dust, wear, and so on and so forth, to find problems in a timely manner. Box fan blade dust is must be regularly cleaned because of the uneven distribution of dust, long time of high speed will lead to the box fan blade dynamic balancing problems that cause the vibration of the fan cases of severe situation, so that the damage to the fan box is great.
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