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Bearing seat standard

Bearing seat standard


Determination of manufacturing process method

Casting mechanism and casting process analysis, bearing seat is used for clamping the bearing, so as to support the shaft and shaft parts,

The weight of the casting piece is about 10Kg

The parts are made of HT200

Outline size (215X80X146) mm

Production program: mass production

2) because the casting piece is small, it is advisable to use the wet model with both the veil and the back

3) modeling method: whole mold, live block, two-box model modeling

4) determine the parting surface

To bearing the whole shape of, parting surface and wood as Φ 62.5 sand core, and basically are in one plane, so choose bearing the whole shape as parting surface, make the whole cavity in the model, this model also facilitate security poured riser.

5) determination of gate riser location

The casting parts for HT200, volume shrinkage ratio is small, belongs to the thick entity but the casting parts, so attention should be paid to the happening of the shrinkage cavity defects, so the location and direction of the SPR is very important, according to the structural characteristics of casting parts, with the principle of directional solidification, the ends of the internal sprue should base on one side of the introduction, this can also prevent bad Φ 62.5 sand mold, the resist pressure side slit gate, which can reduce the contact thermal gate and casting section, and can avoid the middle thick part overheating, and can shorten the coagulation time, is beneficial to get qualified casting parts, in addition, due to the pressure side gate feeding effect is good,So don't need to set up the casting feeding riser, to prevent the air hole, can be in the middle of the top partial side set an Φ 8 -- 10 mm Φ vent riser.

One, the overall bearing seat

Outer spherical bearing with seat, also known as the bearing unit.Do not take the bearing when it is called the outer spherical bearing seat.The outer spherical bearing seat is divided into 200 series, 300 series and XOO series according to the bearing series.

The outer spherical bearing seat is divided into vertical seat (P seat), square seat (F seat), diamond seat (FL seat), circular seat (C seat), convex seat (FC seat), convex seat square seat (FS seat), dark hole seat (PA seat) and hanging seat (FA seat) according to the shape.

Integral (that is, non-separated) vertical bearing pedestal assembly seat, bearing box cover with screw fastening.These vertical housing blocks were originally developed as axle boxes for light rail trucks, but can also be used in traditional vertical housing units.Non - separated vertical bearing seat assembly seat than separated bearing seat higher rigidity, some can withstand more heavy load.The outer spherical bearing seat also belongs to the integral seat.

Split type bearing seat

Split type bearing seat (known as the shingles box in northern China) is divided into SN200, SN300, SN500, SN600, SD500, SD600, SD200, SD300, SD3000, SD3100, SD3200, SNU500 (SNH, SNV, SNF, SNK, SNG, the same requirements, different companies have different words), and SN series bearing seat for short.

722500 series, also known as SN series bearing seat according to custom.The 7225(00) series bearing seat with flange includes a bearing seat base plate with a hole for holding the shaft and a bolted lid.They come in two sizes.The bearing housing, including size 13, USES a triangular base plate.The bearing pedestal of size 15 and above adopts square base plate.The bearing seat is fastened to the supporting surface with three or four bolts, depending on the form of the base plate.

7225(00) series flanged bearing seats are available for shaft end configuration or through shaft configuration.

Three, sliding bearing seat

Sliding bearing seat is usually in accordance with our country's national standards refers to the bearing seat without bearing, only copper alloy instead of bearing.The product series includes H2000, H4000 and HXOOO.ZHC200, ZHC400 series.

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