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Bearing installation aspects of knowledge - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Outfit bearing should be carried out in a dry, dust-free area, and should be far away from equipment can produce metal debris and dust. When must be installed in a complex environment, should be to minimize pollution. When installing bearings, ought to according to the type and size, select machinery, such as heating or hydraulic method. Cylindrical hole installed bearing cold installation with not too tight little bearing, can pass a socket ( Figure 5, figure 6) With hammering method, tapping the sleeve bearing is put into place. Should as far as possible even when knock the effect on the bearing ring, in order to prevent the bearing tilt or skewed. Most of the bearing pressure into the method for installation. If you would have a bearing inner and outer ring loaded on the shaft and bearing seat at the same time, must ensure that the same pressure effect on the outer ring, at the same time, and must be installed with the tool interface on the same plane. ( FIG. 5) Heat installation, normally for larger bearing installation, not by heating the bearing or bearing is impossible, because with the increase of the size, The public number: pump pipe home) , the greater the force needed for the installation. Heat installation needed between the bearing ring and the shaft or housing, the interference temperature mainly depends on the quantity and the diameter of the bearing fit place. Open type bearing heating temperature shall not exceed 120 ℃. Bearings with seals and dust cover is not recommended be heated to above 80 ℃ ( Shall ensure that the temperature does not exceed the seals and the allowed temperature grease) 。 Bearing heating, uniform heating, never can have local overheating. Bearing cone bearing induction heater installed with conical hole bearing, its most circle in the form of an interference fit to install. Interference amount is made up of inner ring in cone diameter of axle, set set, or withdrawal of the axial forward distance on the decision. On the cone with the advance of the greater the distance, the radial internal clearance of bearing more xiaoke, by measuring the clearance reduction is or axial forward distance to determine the amount of interference. Small and medium-sized bearings can make use of the bearing installation tools or had better lock nut out inner ring to the proper position of the cone diameter of axle. In the use of set set of circumstances, can be used with the hook spanner or impact wrench locking sleeve nut. To return a sleeve bearing installation tools available or end plate pushes it into the bearing inner hole. Larger bearings need more force to install, so you should use the hydraulic nut. Hydraulic nut can put the tapered hole bearing installed on the cone diameter of axle ( Figure 11. ) , set set ( Figure 12) And on the sleeve ( Figure 13) 。 Filling method ( Figure 14) Oil injection method principle is: the hydraulic oil at high pressure through oil hole and the groove, injection matching surface between bearing and the diameter of axle, forming a layer of oil film. Oil film separated the matching surface, make the friction between the mating surface. This method is usually used in the bearing is installed on the cone diameter of axle directly to the situation. Must be oil hole and the groove shall be integral part of the shaft design. If tight sleeve and withdrawal sleeve, has processing oil hole groove, this method can also be used to install the bearing sleeve or refund on the sleeve. Figure 14 bearing installation of the common error model with inner ring shaft and bearing inner hole with too loose, Commonly known as the 'inner circle') Due to the matching of the shaft and the choice of inner hole is too loose, sliding between the shaft and the inner hole surface. Sliding friction will cause fever, bearing damage due to heat. Between shaft and hole surface sliding trace of inner ring end face and shoulder friction heat crack when the 'inner circle', the sliding friction between inner ring and the shaft will produce high temperature, due to the inner ring end face and shoulder interface is small, the temperature will be higher. Make inner ring end face to produce hot crack and thermal crack extending unceasingly, makes the bearing inner ring fracture in use. Between shaft and hole surface adhesion after fever because of the 'inner circle' between the inner hole and shaft surface sliding friction, caused by high temperature melt metal surface and adhesion. Go outer shell holes and bearing outside diameter with too loose, Commonly known as the 'outer') Because the shell aperture and the choice of bearing outside diameter fit is too loose ( The public number: pump pipe home) To make them between sliding surfaces. Sliding friction will cause fever, heating and bearing damage. Shell between aperture and bearing outside diameter surface directly produce the trace of the slide hammer percussion bearing inner ring installation ( Or outer ring) Interference fit of the bearing and banned direct percussion hammer bearing inner ring ( Or outer ring) End face, it's so easy to guard the bad. Should use socket on inner ring ( Or outer ring) End face, with a hammer percussion sleeve to install. Some users, the heating temperature is too high with acetylene torch to heat of bearing inner hole, when the temperature exceeds 727 ℃, The phase transition temperature of bearing steel) When the inside of the bearing steel microstructure changes will occur. After the bearing cooling, bearing inner hole will not be able to restore to its original size, usually is bigger than the size of the before heating. After heated by acetylene torch bearing, the surface become black
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